Ways to Use the Mission Friends Promotion Pack

Mission Friends

Have you heard about the Mission Friends Promotion Pack? This pack offers great resources for enriching your Mission Friends’ experience.

The Promotion Pack contains posters to go with each Christian concept area, an allergy alert chart, postcards, 2 Missions Friends promotional posters, and the Mission Friends song. You will find that these resources can be used in a variety of ways.

Christian concept area posters with Bible thoughts

  • Each month, look in Mission Friends Leader to learn the Christian concept area that is being studied. Use the poster that represents that concept area. Be sure to hang it at your preschoolers’ eye level.
  • Place the poster in different interest areas each week. This will draw preschoolers’ attention to the poster.
  • Think of ways to relate the poster to the activities you have planned. For example, here are a few ways to use the Community poster: Place it in the Homeliving area and mention that God wants us to love our neighbors. Pair it in the Books area with books about community helpers and In My Community. Place it in Blocks and challenge preschoolers to build their community.
  • Draw preschoolers’ attention to the posters and say one of the Bible thoughts.
  • Use the posters as discussion starters by asking preschoolers what they know about the concept area.

Missions Friends Poster

Hang this on your door so families can easily identify their preschoolers’ classroom.

  • Use as the focal piece of a bulletin board. Take photos of your preschoolers and place them around the poster.
  • If your church has a Missions Festival or Focus on Missions day, place the poster in an easel in your preschool display area.

Mission Friends Promotional Poster

  • Use on your church bulletin board to share the date, time, and place that you teach Mission Friends.
  • Position the poster near your Bible study area for young families to be sure that families know when and where Mission Friends classes are available.
  • Consider putting Mission Friends at Home leaflets in a container adjacent to the promotional poster. Invite young families to take a leaflet home. Place an invitation inside each leaflet that  introduces your Mission Friends teachers, gives your contact information, and briefly shares what happens during Mission Friends.

Mission Friends Song Poster

  • Place the poster near your Group Time area. Use the song to open or close your Group Time. Having a consistent routine helps your preschoolers feel secure.
  • As you sing, substitute preschoolers’ names for “Mission Friends” in the chorus: “________ is happy, _________ has fun.”
  • Use the song as an entry point to talk about praying for and giving to missions.


Copy the postcards on card stock on a color printer for a variety of uses:

  • Invite preschoolers who have not yet joined your Mission Friends group.
  • Send them to preschoolers who have been sick.
  • Mail information to preschoolers each month about your Helping Others activities, including the date of the activity and a list of any items you need.
  • Notify preschoolers and their families about special events.
  • Periodically, send the postcards as a reminder that you are praying for preschoolers’ families and that you love them.

Remember that there is never only one “right way” to use Mission Friends resources. One of the things I love most about teaching Mission Friends is that we have the freedom to use our imaginations and be creative. If you are teaching Mission Friends, you are an innovator! Do you have suggestions for using the Promotion Pack? If so, please post your pictures on Facebook.

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