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First Steps in Missions, vol. 23

What do you love most about teaching Mission Friends®? Is it your preschoolers’ natural curiosity and joy? Is it their penchant for telling so much truth? Is it their ability to accept God’s deep truths with simple faith? One thing that I love about teaching Mission Friends is seeing their eyes light up when they develop a new realization about God’s global mission. You can almost see their minds working to assimilate the new thought.

I love teaching Mission Friends. I love engaging preschoolers’ minds with the thought that “God loved us and sent His Son” (see 1 John 4:10). I love exploring new cultures with my little ones and teaching them that people around the world are very different, but that God loves us all the same. Because of my love for teaching, I always enjoy discovering new ideas to try with my classes. This is one reason that I love the First Steps in Missions books so much. Have you ever used First Steps in Missions?

We have just released First Steps in Missions, vol. 23. This book, written by Melita Thomas, coordinates directly with each unit in Mission Friends Leader, 2017–2018. Here, you will find chapters on

  • Salt Lake City, Utah;

  • International Deaf Ministry;

  • Columbus, Ohio;

  • Russia;

  • New Orleans, Louisiana;

  • The Amazon;

  • Boston, Massachusetts;

  • Missionary Kid (MK) Schooling;

  • Las Vegas, Nevada;

  • West Africa;

  • Germany; and

  • St. Louis, Missouri.

Each chapter contains more in-depth information about the missions area being studied.

Related to that missions area, you will find at least 3 fun activities for each interest area: Art, Blocks, Books, Homeliving, Music and Movement, Puzzles and Manipulatives, and Nature. To help promote your Mission Friends group, every chapter contains a coordinated monthly enlistment or outreach idea and bulletin board pattern. And, if you wish to dive even deeper into missions learning, a Missions Explorers project learning experience and Helping Others activity to complement the work of the missionaries are included in each unit.

Because the material in First Steps in Missions is undated, it is useful at any time of the year. You could use it with your Mission Friends class, and then pass it along to your church’s Weekday Education program teachers, place it in your church library, or share with your Sunday School or Children’s Church teachers to give them ideas for sprinkling missions education into their Sunday morning Bible study.

Do you have other ideas for using First Steps in Missions? Please share them with me at rmccall@wmu.org. I would love to pass your ideas along to other teachers!

Note: To order First Steps in Missions, vol. 23 (W168101, $14.99), you can call order online at wmustore.com or call customer service at 1-800-968-7301.

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