Summer Fun

The middle of summer is here, and your Mission Friends group might need a little summer fun! Summer may be a little more easy-going in Mission Friends as some families are out on vacation, it stays light later, and things may not be as rushed. Here are some ideas for adding some fun to your Mission Friends sessions in the summer.

  • Set up an interest area outside. Take your art activity or music activity outdoors for a different way of doing the activities. For example, this week you could draw on foil at a table outside.
  • Have Group Time outside. Place a blanket or vinyl tablecloth on the ground for preschoolers to sit on for Group Time.
  • Involve preschoolers in Helping Others activities. Take time to do something extra for others. Use the suggestions in Mission Friends Leader for this month. (See Mission Friends Leader, p. 26.)
  • Ask a parent or grandparent to tell the mission story for Group Time during a session. Preschoolers enjoy when their family member is involved.
  • Try a tasting activity from the missions area. Taste mangoes as suggested for Brazil, or make a snack with apples when focusing on Minnesota in August.
  • Repeat an activity preschoolers enjoyed during the year. Did they like the table maze or the hopscotch game? Pull out the fun activity they liked and play it again.
  • Make Christmas in August a festive activity. Make this a fun way of giving support to a missionary by bringing the items requested.
  • Bubbles! Blowing bubbles is suggested in July Session 5 for Threes and Fours, but all preschoolers love to blow and pop bubbles.

I hope your preschoolers are having fun in Mission Friends this summer!

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