Teaching the Christian Concept Areas

Every month in Mission Friends®, we feature one Christian concept area to be studied along with the work of missionaries around the world. The Christian concept areas can be thought of as the building blocks of spiritual formation for preschoolers. These concept areas offer us the opportunity to help preschoolers begin developing basic understandings of the Christian faith.

As you work through the interest areas and Group Time and share Bible thoughts with preschoolers, you will see that the Christian concept areas are woven throughout the components of each session. An additional resource for teaching preschoolers about the Christian concept areas is the “Missions and Me” Series of digital downloadable books.

This series gives you affordable, downloadable, and/or printable books for talking to your preschoolers about the Christian concept areas. Each book focuses on just one concept area. This series has recently been revised and updated so that each page is full-color. The books’ simple text and illustrations draw preschoolers in and open opportunities for simple conversations.

Use these suggestions to incorporate the “Missions and Me” Series in your classroom:

  • Display every week the “Missions and Me” book that corresponds with the Christian concept area being featured for the month.

  • Prompt preschoolers to picture-read the books and write their own books about the topic.

  • Invite preschoolers to read the book to you using their own words. This affords you the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings or confusion they may have.

  • Review the books by leading preschoolers to create storyboards about the text. Prompt their memories by asking, “What came first;” “What came next;” “What else do you remember;” etc.

  • Challenge kindergartners to write a letter to their families sharing what they learned in the book.

  • Hook preschoolers’ attention by pointing out specific images in each picture. Ask them to find other images: “Can you find a butterfly?” “Where is the grandmother?” “Do you see a house?”

The more you read these books with your preschoolers, the greater their understanding of each Christian concept area will grow.

Do you have more suggestions for using the “Missions and Me” Series? Please share them with us on Facebook!

Books in the “Missions and Me” Series include

Around the World (E118110, $1.99)

Families Are Special (E118109, $1.99)

God’s Beautiful World (E118108, $1.99)

Good Things Jesus Did (E118107, $1.99)

I Can Help Others (E118106, $1.99)

I Like to Go to Church (E118105, $1.99)

In My Community (E118104, $1.99)

Myself (E118103, $1.99)

Tell Me About God (E118111, $1.99)

Thank You, God, for My Bible, (E118101, $1.99)









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