Teaching Preschoolers about Hunger

Teaching Preschoolers about Hunger

During October, Southern Baptists will turn our attention toward Global Hunger Relief. Unfortunately, hunger is an issue that touches every community throughout the world. While we would never share graphic details about hunger with our preschoolers, we can certainly raise their awareness that people in their own communities and around the world do not have enough to eat, and that we want to reach out to help those who suffer from hunger.

One resource that will help you develop age-appropriate learning about hunger is Teaching Preschoolers about Hunger (E118102, $9.99). This downloadable, interactive, 4-session study provides teachers, preschoolers, and their families new insights into the issue of global hunger.

The following suggestions will give you some ideas for adding lessons on hunger relief into your church’s schedule:

  1. Use as a mission study during children’s church.
  2. Plan a month-long study during your Discipleship Training.
  3. Use the activities as a supplementary resource during this October’s focus on Global Hunger Relief during Mission Friends.
  4. Provide these sessions for preschoolers and young elementary aged children while adults meet in small groups.
  5. Choose two or three of the sessions to create a Saturday “Focus on Global Hunger” event.
  6. If your church has women’s missions groups or Bible studies, provide child care and use some of the activities from this resource.
  7. Select activities or sessions from this study to teach during your preschool Sunday School class on Global Hunger Sunday, October 9, 2016.

Raising preschoolers’ awareness about physical hunger directs them from a focus on self to a focus on others. Ultimately, in teaching them about hunger relief, we are teaching them to love in the way that Jesus loves. And, that is what missions discipleship is all about!

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