An Update from Josh Lenon:

Lenon family

The past year has been a crazy one for Red Door. We have experienced a lot of joy in seeing the gospel take hold of our lives: believers beginning to share their faith, new believers being baptized, and growing as a church as a church both in numbers and in passion. We have also experienced a lot of loss. Recently one of our core leaders who has been with Red Door since the beginning, and who was working with us in the new plant, was tragically killed in an auto accident. He left behind an awesome wife and three awesome kiddos (7, 3, and 1). This tragedy has rocked our church pretty hard and we have grieved in many ways. But we have grieved as those with hope! (1 Thess. 4).

We have seen our Father do amazing things with Jordan’s death. Thousands of people heard the gospel at the funeral and an untold number more as the funeral was then broadcast live and online (we have reports back of people watching this with friends in China and sharing the gospel through Jordan’s death!). And while we grieve and weep now (Jesus wept too!), we grieve as those with hope in the resurrection. The God who made all this world, will one day remake this broken world and restore it to what it was intended to be. There will be no more mourning, or crying, or pain anymore; and death shall be no more . . . for the former things are passing away! Ultimately we know heaven is breaking in on this earth and Jesus is coming to make all things new!

And so we are continuing to spend our lives bringing a glimpse of heaven to earth by sharing how the God who defeated death in Jesus will one day defeat death for all who are found in Him. And Jordan will rise again, whole, restored, renewed. We also continue to share as we are working on restoring a home for a family in our area. They are new believers and newly married. We get to work on their home and remind them and all of their neighbors that we follow a God who takes broken things and makes them new again.

We also have brought in a church planting apprentice through the NAMB Send Network. His name is Terry Lee Kirkland. He is an incredible young man with a passion to share the gospel, plant churches, and join us in the restorative mission of heaven to earth. We could not be more excited to see him take the leadership in Oakley as we begin to transition him in.

Pray for . . .

  • The Pieniazek family suffered a huge loss in the death of a husband and father. Jordan was an invaluable leader at Red Door, but more importantly an incredible dad and husband. We are still navigating through the pieces of this and responding as a family built on the death and resurrection of Jesus should respond.
  • We are seeking a new facility because we have very much outgrown our current facility. Praying fervently for this too!!!
  • We are a church built on groups. Prayer for the families that lead our groups would be so awesome.
  • Pray for Terry Lee Kirkland—our church planting apprentice—who will be taking over the leadership of the Oakley church plant.
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