Week of the Young Child

Preschooler and bubbles

Let’s celebrate our preschoolers next week for Week of the Young Child! April 24–28 is designated as Week of the Young Child across the country to rejoice over our youngest learners, their families, and their teachers. Start planning at least one way to celebrate Week of the Young Child in your church. We’ll get you started with the ideas below.

  • Emphasize how your Mission Friends share God’s love with others through Helping Others activities. Plan a Helping Others activity for next week’s session in Mission Friends®. See Mission Friends Leader, page 28, for two ideas for Helping Others activities this month.

  • Make a hallway display to celebrate your preschoolers. Place a large piece of butcher paper on the floor for each preschooler, and have the preschooler lie down on the paper. Trace around the outline of each preschooler, then have them draw their own features and clothes. Display these in the preschool area of your church.

  • Give small tubes of bubble solution to church members. Go outside as a group and ask them to blow bubbles in honor of a preschooler they know.

  • Plan an Open House in Mission Friends for parents to attend the session with their preschoolers so they will experience how their preschoolers learn about missions.

  • Make a computer slide for Week of the Young Child to show with slides before your church worship service. Remind church members of the importance of the preschool years in setting a strong foundation for spiritual growth.

  • Trace around preschoolers’ hands on colored construction paper. Cut out the paper hands to post on a bulletin board for Week of the Young Child.

  • Include a paragraph about the importance of early learning in your church newsletter or bulletin. Give thanks for those in your church who teach preschoolers.

  • Ask your pastor for a special time during a worship service to recognize your church’s preschool teachers.

  • Ask the pastor to say a prayer for preschoolers, their families, and teachers.

  • Plan a special story time for preschoolers. Ask your church librarian or a preschooler’s parent to read I Can Do It! or God’s Beautiful World to your Mission Friends.

  • Have your Mission Friends make thank you cards to give to their Sunday School teachers.

  • Check out the Mission Friends Facebook page during April 24–28 for a special emphasis on each day.

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