Who Helps You Serve?

When asked who serves with him and helps in his work, Pastor Fue Chee Her gave four names and shared the ways that each individual supports his ministry. He first listed his father, Cher Pao Her, a retired Southern Baptist pastor. Pastor Her explained that his father’s experience and leadership abilities are crucial to his ministry.

Next he listed Deacon Ber Yang who assists in developing a vision for all areas of ministry at Gospel Hmong Baptist Church.

Third, Pastor Her said that his mentor Steve Dyess supports him with wisdom, encouragement and prayer.

Finally, he told about the support of Pastor Jackie Hill and Roseville Baptist Church. Roseville Baptist has given Gospel Hmong Baptist Church a place to meet and worship, as well as sharing their equipment. Roseville Baptist also provides prayer support and encouragement.

Pastor Her’s story is an amazing illustration of the need that we all have for support in our ministry and mission. Each person who helps him plays a different role. Some share leadership abilities and mentorship, while others offer visioning and wisdom. Some provide physical needs, while others undergird the entire ministry with prayer support and active encouragement.

Who helps you in your ministry to preschoolers? Are you seeking out help for your Mission Friends® class? Sometimes we are afraid to ask for help. Other times, we may not think that others can help us. As leaders, we always need to remember that helping each other and working together is the biblical model.

  • If you have a need for additional supplies, ask your WMU® director how your Women on Mission® can help you with the costs associated with teaching Mission Friends. When I began teaching Mission Friends, my Women on Mission group gave me $25.00 every month for extra supplies and tasting activities. That $25.00 was a great blessing for a young, newly-married woman!
  • Seek out those who can help you plan and carry out Helping Others projects.
  • Ask parents of preschoolers to come in and help you with the different interest areas.
  • Ask a grandparent or senior adult to read a story.
  • Ask other teachers to join you in planning and casting a vision for your Mission Friends group.
  • Ask your WMU director if there are “retired” Mission Friends teachers in your congregation. Talk to them about your needs and listen to their wisdom and experience.
  • Ask your church leadership for prayer partners who will undergird your leadership. Be prepared to share specific prayer requests.

Pray and ask the Lord to direct you to those people who can help in your Mission Friends class. By involving others in your Mission Friends group, your own leadership abilities will grow.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17).

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