Taylor and Susan Field, missionaries at Graffiti Church in New York City

Taylor and Susan Field, missionaries at Graffiti Church in New York City, were both called to urban missions very early in their lives. Mr. Field’s specific call was to provide help for people who have tangible needs. Mr. Field calls this relief work and release work, “Helping people get on their feet and then helping them meet Christ and learn their true purpose.” The Fields have found that it is necessary to work with people holistically as they minister in the urban setting.

Listen as Mr. Field shares from his heart:

“We have found that it is really difficult to understand the gospel if you are hungry. We try to care for people before trying to ‘enlist’ them. We try to be genuine, and our witnessing is long term. We want to walk with the people into discipleship after they have initially accepted Christ.”

As a result of the Fields’ willingness to invest wholeheartedly in other people’s lives and to go the extra mile in reaching people on a personal level, many have come to know the Lord. Mr. Field shares, “one (now) wonderful Bible teacher visited Graffiti, then went back to the crack house where he lived, and heard God say to him, ‘You can do better than this.’ He came back to Graffiti and was baptized, and now is a minister there.”

Lives and families are being changed through the ministry of Graffiti. The Fields’ ministry demonstrates that in order to minister wholeheartedly, you must be willing to come to know a person’s whole heart. How can you apply this principle to your Mission Friends® classroom?

Take the time to get to know your preschoolers. Call or visit their homes. Learn more about the needs of their families.

  • As they play in the interest areas, talk to them about their interests, their likes and dislikes.
  • During Group Time prayers, ask if they have personal prayer requests.
  • When families come to pick up their preschoolers, inquire about how they are doing. Ask if they have prayer requests they would like to share.
  • During the week, drop a note or card to your preschooler. Preschoolers LOVE to get mail.
  • Plan Helping Others activities with parents outside of your typical Mission Friends sessions.
  • Make opportunities to have lunch with your preschoolers and their families. Listen to their hopes and dreams.

As you come to know your preschoolers wholeheartedly, you will become better equipped to share the love of God with them and their families and to walk with them as they walk with the Lord.

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