Courageous and Faithful

“My favourite verse is Psalm 63:3 ‘Because your love is better than life, my lips will always praise you.’ The last 4 years, I’ve gone through two bouts of cancer. God has been teaching me that His love for me is greater than even living on earth. This helps me as for the last 12 years I’ve lived in areas of great poverty and social challenges, with folks who have very broken lives. I get the privilege of sharing with them how great God’s love is.”

Gena Wilson’s life truly is a testimony of courage and faith. She describes the area that her team focuses on as the area where tour buses do not go in Glasgow, Scotland. In the midst of this urban deprived center, she reaches out intentionally to the outcasts and those who have been marginalized, bringing to them a message of faith and hope and love. Miss Wilson feels especially drawn to those who live with addictions and violence and abuse. She knows that the love of Jesus Christ is the only answer to their issues and fears. 

Miss Wilson says that through her service in Glasgow, the Lord has taught her much about His unconditional love for the lost. Experiencing God’s love for the lost has helped to grow Miss Wilson’s love for the lost. She asks us to pray that she will be given courage to be obedient to speak the truth in love to the lost in her area. And, she asks us to pray that she will be given clarity in sharing the gospel in ways that are relevant to the lives of those she encounters day-to-day.

Please join us in praying for Miss Wilson’s health. Ask God to give her strength and boldness as she walks with the people of her community and tells them about Jesus, the greatest love in her life. Pray that He will help her to remain courageous and faithful.

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