Ongoing Missions Education Is Important

Ongoing missions education for preschoolers through Mission Friends is vitally important.

Churches are learning they need more than just a monthly mission story or an annual mission project for their preschoolers. A couple of weeks ago, Heather Keller, WMU children’s consultant, and I attended the LifeWay Kids Ministry Conference. At our booth, which featured our curriculum and resources for missions education, I talked with several people whose churches were interested in starting ongoing missions education. These meaningful conversations helped me think of a number of reasons that ongoing missions education for preschoolers through Mission Friends is vitally important:

  • Preschoolers build on previous learning each week and each year.
  • Preschoolers learn though a planned scope and sequence. Through the preschool years they learn more about each Christian concept area.
  • Preschoolers gain a larger worldview as they learn of God’s love for people in different places within North America and each international affinity groups.
  • Preschoolers are able to remember what they learn about missions. Learning about a missionary each week for a month allows them to hear about the missionary in many different ways. This type of repetition helps them remember.
  • Rather than merely hearing information, preschoolers begin to understand and apply what they learn. These are higher levels of learning.
  • Preschoolers are led to respond to what they learn about missions by praying and giving to missions.
  • Preschoolers learn what the Bible says about missions as they learn Bible thoughts related to missions concepts.
  • Preschoolers apply what they learn when they do Helping Others activities, which are simple things they do for others to share Jesus’ love.

What we offer our preschoolers and children at church sends a message to them and to their parents about what we deem as important. Through on-going missions education we instill in preschoolers what one of the preschool ministers from this conference told me: a heart that wants to share God’s love with others. On-going missions learning and involvement tells the importance we place on Jesus’ words, “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

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