Be On Mission during Summer Vacation

Summer Missions

Summertime is often a time when things slow down. The kids are out of school, the days are longer, and there is often a feeling in the air of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Do you notice this in your church, as well? Attendance is usually lower during the summer months because families take vacations at various times. Church activities might be canceled in favor of other events. Organizations within your church might take the summer months off so nobody misses anything important. Or your church might adjust programming to a summer schedule.

No matter where your church falls in the variety of summer schedules, it makes sense to use this time to take a break, step back, and prepare for a fresh, clean slate in the fall. That might mean meeting in a different location or trying something different from time to time.

Regardless, we need to remember that we never really get to take a break from growing in our relationships with Christ. If you are a youth leader and want to help your students continue to grow in their faith, even during the summer, why not try a few of these ideas?

Volunteer in your community. Gather your students on a Saturday and volunteer somewhere locally in your community. You could help at a food bank or an animal shelter or anywhere you know of that needs some extra hands. This can remind your students of the needs in their own backyard and that you don’t have to go overseas to do missions.

Help with VBS. Vacation Bible School (or Day Camp, or whatever your church might call it) is typically geared toward preschoolers and elementary-aged children. If there aren’t specific lessons or events for your youth group, consider getting your students to help out where needed. I know when I was a teenager, I loved helping out with things like this. It made me feel important and useful, and I loved getting to interact with and mentor the younger kids. Again, this is showing your students they can minister even within their own church family!

Plan a party at a local nursing home. There is nothing that can make nursing home residents happier than spending time with young people. Find a day that works for your group and have a good old-fashioned ice cream social or a summer barbecue! Lots of nursing homes have activity directors, so reach out and find out what kind of event might be right for your group.

Encourage your students to begin a new ministry. Even though numbers might be low over the summer, chances are you’ll still have a few students around during this time. Find out what kinds of things they’re passionate about or want to learn more about and give them this opportunity to go for it! They might consider starting a prayer ministry, where they could prayerwalk your church campus or surrounding neighborhoods. They even might start a Bible study for younger siblings. Let them explore their interests and empower them to get started.

Raise money for a cause. Have a bake sale or a yard sale or whatever works best for your group. Have your students consider ways they could raise money for a local organization and let them lead it. Find a local ministry that could use your help and surprise them with your donation.

This time of year can be hard for church groups, but take this opportunity to empower your students to lead and grow. It’s exciting to try out new leadership roles, and these sorts of projects could be vital in your students’ lives. Let them explore their interests and passions and, even if your group is busy all summer, it will definitely be the time of rejuvenation you expect summer to be.     

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