Missions Denton - Summer Missions in Texas

Emily Morrow, National Acteens Panelist

Do you know how many people in your own community don't know Christ?

While it is important to share God's Word beyond your borders, it is also important to share the Gospel right where you live.

Taking Christ to the People

Mission Denton's mission, "Taking Christ to the People," is based on the the Great Commission, Christ's words to His disciples in Matthew 28:19-20.

Stationed in Denton, Texas, every summer for one week, Mission Denton hosts a series of Vacation Bible Schools, called the Rainbow Express. During Rainbow Express, several local churches come together and go to three different locations every day for five days sharing Christ with kids who live in multi-family housing.

After participating in Mission Denton for six years, this summer was my last year to go as a student. My church has gone to the same locations each year, and this has allowed us to see how the kids have grown in their relationships with Christ.

That first year I went, I planted the seed of the gospel. Over the years it's been a joy to see the seed grow.

Why I love Mission Denton

  • Every day I get to see the kids’ faces light up when we come to play and share God’s Word with them.
  • Teenagers get a chance to teach the Gospel, and to learn patience and self-discipline in the process.
  • Not only are the kids learning. I get to learn things about myself, and step out of my comfort zone to teach other people.
  • Since this trip is local, you can see the change that you make in the kids’ lives.

One little girl has really inspired me. I got to know Shania my first year of serving through Mission Denton.

It was her first year as well, so she was really shy. She didn’t seem comfortable enough to open up to us, but the next year was a different story.

When we went back the next summer, she was excited to see us and to hear all about God's word. The summer of 2015 Shania committed her life to Christ. Since then she's come back every year. Now that she is old enough, she goes out on the mission field and teaches other kids.

A Day in the Life of Mission Denton

Each day our group goes to the same three locations for the week. Our purpose is to share God’s word and to build relationships with the kids who come. Building relationships allows us to make an impact on their lives.

When we arrive, we play games with the kids while the leaders knock on doors to get kids to come. After about 30 minutes of knocking on doors, we start with one big game.

Then we move to the Bible study and memory verse. During this time, we get to teach a Bible story and play a memory verse game.

Next, we move to the craft. This time is almost as important as teaching the story and verse because the kids really open up to you. You get to hear about their lives. Building relationships with the children better equips you to share the Gospel.


Our youth pastor asked three different people share their testimony at each location as we wrapped up every day. This was a benefit to the kids, but it helped me, too.

It is normal to be anxious about sharing your testimony. You never know what people will think. I thought my testimony was boring because it contained nothing bad or drastic.

During Rainbow Express, I learned otherwise. After hearing everyone else’s testimonies, I realized we each have a special story to tell.

It’s important to realize that some people may relate to it, but others won’t. And, that’s okay. Never be scared to tell your story. Chances are someone out there needs to hear it.


As a 15-year-old I never imagined I could be an influence on someone else’s life, but that mindset quickly changed. The summer of 2016 was the first time I got to see someone I had helped become a Christian. And, I discovered then that local missionaries have as great an impact as those who serve around the world.

Everywhere in the world people need to hear about Jesus, even in our hometown. Mission Denton opened my eyes, and now my mindset is forever changed. Now everywhere I go, even to the grocery store, that place is my mission field.

Remember that everywhere you go someone needs to hear about Jesus or to be reminded that He loves them. Are you prepared to share?

By Emily Morrow, 2019 National Acteens Panelist


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