Missions on Standing Rock Sioux Reservation

Annsley Pugh, National Acteens Panelists

Hello! My name is Annsley Pugh and I am from Callao, Virginia! There is nothing I love more than missions and being the hands and feet of Christ!

Going on mission is always an exciting, adventurous, and often unpredictable experience. Flexibility is often the key to a successful mission trip!

Missions Partnership

About ten years ago the WMU of Virginia began a partnership with Pastor Boots Marsh and his wife, Jackie, on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North and South Dakota. Every summer during the last week of July, over 200 people travel from Virginia to the Dakotas to spend the week ministering to the people of Standing Rock.

This year was my fifth year participating in this awesome mission experience!

Missions Week

We divide up into approximately ten teams and spread out all over the reservation for the week to share God’s love with all of the awesome people there.

My team ministers to the community of Cannon Ball in North Dakota. During the week we lead a Bible school for the children, youth, and adults. We act out Bible stories, do crafts, and play games to help build relationships with all who attend. We also have a home-cooked dinner every night for the community! Thankfully we have some terrific cooks on our team.

During the week we have a ladies night where we pamper the ladies with manicures, make beautiful crafts, and enjoy fun and fellowship together. We always ask for prayer requests and take time getting to know and share stories with all the of the ladies there.

For the men’s night we have a cookout and always a competitive game of horseshoes! Occasionally some of the native men will bring their drums and share their talents with our team.

For the youth we plan a night of games, cool prizes, and a time of devotion lead by the youth on our team. We have skits, praise dances, and prayertime where they can reach out to team members if they feel lead to.

We also always have the privilege of experiencing a powwow and seeing the beautiful regalia the Sioux wear during their ceremonial dances.

Our last day there is always carnival day! This is the highlight of the week because the kids know that they will be receiving new shoes that day, along with carnival games, food, and prizes.

Missions Purpose

Through all of the activities, games, and meals prepared that week, our purpose is always clear: We are there to show the people of Standing Rock Reservation that God loves them and that we love them. Our mission is to bring hope and the good news of Jesus Christ to the people there.

By returning year after year, we are building relationships and trust with the people of Standing Rock, as well as supporting Pastor Boots and Jackie in their ministry.

The people of Standing Rock stay in my prayers and heart all year long, and I can’t wait to return!

Annsley Pugh, a 2019 National Acteens Panelist, is from Callao, Virginia.


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