Little Becomes Much

WorldCrafts Blessed Hope Artisan Group

“It’s the little things that count!” This familiar saying is one we have all heard many times. We often think only the big gifts, the great acts of kindness, are what count in life, when in reality it’s the little things that give us the most joy. I love a large bouquet of flowers, for instance, but the single bloom presented by a grandchild grinning from ear to ear as he delivers it? Well, that means so much more.

At national WMU®, we spend many hours creating missions education resources, editing New Hope® books, and supporting artisan groups through WorldCraftsSM. There are so many details required for each magazine, book, or craft to become a reality and arrive at your home. If we are not careful, we can get lost in the magnitude of the project and miss the joy of the little ways God uses it to bless someone else.

Following the earthquake in Nepal, like many of you, we watched, prayed, and felt a deep sadness for the loss of life and homes. The devastation was great, and for so many, life will never be the same. One of our WorldCrafts groups,Blessed Hope, is located in the quake zone, and we wondered if its members had survived. Then the email came announcing all in the group were safe. We were so relieved and grateful but knew their work must have been lost. Their leader wrote that just before the earthquake they had completed their work on their latest WorldCrafts items, which were on their way to our office in Birmingham. It’s not a large order for WMU, but it was their first WorldCrafts item and very important to the women of Blessed Hope. In addition, the leader wrote the following:

“Because of the WorldCrafts order, all of our women received their largest payday ever the week after the earthquake. The Lord’s timing is perfect! And now because of the payment we will receive, we are hoping to be able to give [the women] a little extra money for their families during this time of uncertainty in Nepal. Thank you so much!”

Sometimes in the busyness of life, we forget to look for God at work around us. We grumble about getting wet in the rain until we see the rainbow reminding us of God’s promises. We complain when the grocery store is out of our favorite food until we see someone who has no food begging on the side of the road. We take everyday blessings for granted because we are too busy to notice God at work in the little things of life. For the members of Blessed Hope, God was at work in the timing of their work, the safety of their women during the earthquake, and the shipping of their products in the midst of destruction. God knew their need before they knew it, and He provided for them. Our prayer is they will recognize His great love through this experience.

God cares about the big things but also the little things in our lives, enough to salvage the handiwork of a small group of women on the other side of the world. Who knows what He will do through the work of Blessed Hope in Nepal.

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