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Over the past several months, national WMU staff members have engaged in conversation with many different groups, seeking input on our current curriculum for children and students. Through surveys, Facebook, and a face-to-face think tank with state leaders, we are beginning to address some of the things we heard. First and foremost, we were thrilled to hear that churches using our materials find they are of high quality, provide the missions focus needed in our churches in an age-appropriate way, and are valued. However, we were also grateful to receive some great suggestions for ways we can improve the content and delivery. We are now in the process of determining how to implement as many of the ideas as possible. This will be an exciting year as we develop new and improved resources to assist you with missions learning in your churches.
One message we heard clearly and often was a request to simplify the delivery frequency of all our materials so they will arrive close in time at the church. Instead of some items arriving every two months, three months, or four, leaders have asked we choose just one frequency for all WMU subscription resources. So, effective with September 2016 issues, all subscriptions to WMU age-level curriculum and Missions Leader will arrive quarterly, with the exception of Missions Mosaic, which will continue to be delivered monthly. Subscriptions to titles currently delivered quarterly such as Mission Friends at Home; Mission Friends Leader; Women on Mission Leader; Women on Mission Resource Kit: Posters Plus; and Nuestra Tarea will remain as is.
We agree having all our subscriptions delivered on a quarterly frequency (other than Missions Mosaic, which remains monthly) should help streamline the delivery of these valuable resources to your church. We are committed to providing the same amount or more of quality missions content for each subscription for an entire year with prices remaining the same. Our desire is to assist you and other leaders in your church to be the best missions advocate you can be, and we hope this change will help.
We need your help in communicating this change with WMU resources within your church. Be sure your WMU leadership team is aware of the change taking place at the beginning of the new church year and why. Make a personal visit with your church secretary or staff member who assists with ordering materials. They will also receive a letter from me outlining the changes. Together we can make this a positive experience for all.
Since 1888, our purpose has remained constant—to engage the hearts and minds of preschoolers, children, youth, and adults in the mission of God. It will take all of us working together to shape the hearts and minds of our children and youth so all the nations of the world, those living close by and others living far away, have the opportunity to hear the gospel in the years to come. Thank you for sharing our passion for missions, and may the Lord bless you as you serve Him.
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