A Divine Encounter

Everyone agrees he was the nicest man. He was kind and gentle and humble. He never raised his voice toward his children or anyone else. His family moved from the dust bowl in Oklahoma to Colorado when he was a child. On the plateau and gentle slopes building toward the Rockies, he made a life, which included marrying his love in 1951.

Mack served in the air force during the Korean War. Then he began a career in electronics. Before cable and satellite TV, rural areas depended on TV translators to receive over-the-air broadcasts. AM radio signals can bounce and keep going. FM and TV signals rely on straight-line reception. Mountains and valleys make this problematic. Translators are needed to receive the transmissions and send out on different frequencies. Mack’s job was to install TV translators so people in rural western Colorado could watch TV. I’m confident that’s more than you needed to know, but I’m curious by nature.

Mack and his bride, Wyllene, had a son and a daughter. His wife wanted the children in church. Mack would attend on occasion. His wife bought him a Bible, and he read it from cover to cover. Wyllene asked, “What do you think?” Mack replied, “I think a whole lot of people are not going to heaven.” Wyllene and her daughter were committed Christ followers, but becoming a Christian held no appeal for Mack for eight and a half decades of life.

Then came an encounter at an airport with Wyllene by his side. A gate agent engaged Mack in a discussion, asking the secret to a long and happy marriage. At that point, Mack and Wyllene had been married 61 years. The agent even asked if he could take a picture. He wanted to show his fiancée and talk to her about the type of loving and successful marriage he hoped to have. In the course of the conversation, the agent must have sensed Mack was not a Christian. Quietly, he got on his knees, shared the plan of salvation, and prayed with Mack. In that moment, God’s love gripped Mack’s 85-year-old heart and he was saved by grace.

As you celebrate the resurrection of Christ this Easter season, be willing to lead your friends and family members into deeper discussions of faith. Sound the trumpet of salvation. Show them how to have new life in Christ.


I believe you engineered the circumstances the day Mack found You. Open my eyes to see those You place in my path. Give me courage to respond to divine appointments. Soften hearts to make people receptive to the gospel. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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