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January is recognized as Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Every day, countless numbers of girls are trapped into a life of slavery either by force, by fraud, or with a promise of a better life that never comes. WMU has focused attention on this issue for several years through Project HELP and WorldCrafts in hopes of creating avenues of awareness and prevention. Many local and state WMU organizations have risen to the challenge and are doing incredible things to rid our society of this tragedy. You are to be commended for all your efforts.

This year, WorldCrafts initiated a new campaign—Support Freedom—to keep us focused and moving forward with solutions for this issue. More than just a slogan, Support Freedom is an identifier for those artisan groups working to free women involved in or at risk of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. They offer jobs to young women so they can see a better alternative than selling their bodies for sex or slave labor and so families in poverty don’t have to consider selling their daughters. These artisan groups are creating more than just beautiful handcrafts; they are teaching girls a skill they can use for a lifetime while earning a sustainable income. For example:

  • Love Calcutta Arts in India helps young women and their mothers break the vicious cycle of the sex industry far before it becomes an expectation for generations in their families.
  • Kingdom Creations in Cambodia works with families in poverty whose daughters are at risk of being sold into prostitution.
  • Proverbs 31 in Uganda provides income for women in poverty hoping to reduce the number of their daughters sold into exploitative marriages.
  • The Well in Thailand offers a living wage, giving a hand up to those leaving Thailand’s notorious sex trade.

These are just a few of nearly 20 groups WorldCrafts is currently working with as part of the Support Freedom campaign. WorldCrafts is more than just a fair-trade ministry of WMU; it is our commitment to share Christ and give hope to many who have never heard His name. We are grateful for your partnership as you give voice to this wonderful ministry by hosting WorldCrafts parties and purchasing meaningful gifts as you tell the stories of the people whose lives have been touched. We are also grateful for your gifts to the Jackson/Reese Endowment that helps support WorldCrafts.

This month as you hear stories on the news or in other places reminding us of this terrible plague impacting our world, I hope you will stop and pray for our missionaries who are reaching deep into this issue where they see opportunities to serve. Pray for the artisans who are willing to offer hope through work many young girls and women can be proud of and visit the Support Freedom section of to learn more about how to be involved in this way. Together we can all make a difference in the lives of those impacted by human trafficking.

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