The Load Unbundled

By Kimberly Hart

Are you struggling to carry a heavy load? Here are some tips for carrying a man-sized load:

  • Know what needs to be hauled.
  • Consider the distance and destination.
  • Lay aside additional weight.
  • Determine who or what can help.
  • Consult owner for special instructions.

So how do you carry a cross—see notes above. The instruction given by Jesus in Luke 9:23 to carry our cross can be hard to understand. The meaning can be lost in “churchy” language. It can also be clouded by the world’s idea that anything rough is a cross to bear.

The Cross of Christ

To shed light on our cross, let’s consider the cross of Christ. His load was His purpose and responsibility given by God to save mankind from its sin. He understood the distance He had to go before submitting to the trip. He knew heaven was His destination once His job was finished. He trusted God for the route, never taking His eyes from the task at hand. He anticipated pitfalls and avoided any detours that did not align with His purpose. He knew where His help could be found. He communicated continually with His Father for strength, comfort, and direction. He enlisted like-minded helpers. He was faithful in His task.

His Call

I have learned much while considering this topic. Notice how I listed the above instructions. “Consult owner . . . ” is last! Rather than change it to appear more spiritual, I decided to be real. I am a solver. I pray throughout each day, but when faced with something immediate, I jump in with my best plan, one generally quicker than God’s.

To carry my cross, I will ask God for guidance and wait for His response. When issues require immediate handling, I will seek to respond based on Who He is, not based on how I feel or what I want.

My Cross

We are all called to honor God and share Christ, but this can be accomplished in many ways. My cross may not look like anyone else’s. I have been blessed with a husband and 4 children. I can teach, write, work, and serve, but my purpose to minister to those closest to me cannot be handled by anyone else. God has pricked my heart with the responsibilities He wants me to handle. Although I am tempted to overload my plate with good activities, only God can help me discern the best use of my time and talents. Sometimes only He can say whether a pursuit or desire is an intended part of the route or an energy-wasting detour.

To carry my cross, I will begin with the end in mind. I will analyze my schedule to ensure I am fulfilling my mission in the best possible way. I will avoid random busyness as well as idle or idol pursuits. I will acknowledge the enemy’s traps often masquerade as something good. I will be truthful about my motives and my limits. I will ask others for help and accountability.

How about you? What cross have you been honored to carry? Are you focused in the right direction? If so, look for me.

Kimberly Hart writes from Gainesville, Florida, and has much more to learn on this subject.

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