Share His Light: Ministering with Others to Others

By: Gail Veale

Looking for a ministry and someone to serve with you? There are many opportunities in your community to share and spread the light and love of Christ.

Prayer and Passion

Pray for God to reveal your passions. Reflect on how you have served in the past and the blessings you gave and received. Ask God to open doors and then follow His leading.

Two by Two

As Jesus sent out His followers in groups of 2 (see Luke 10:1–2), you can pray for and seek out someone to minister with you. Two neighbors visited my mother-in-law recently and brought her flowers from their yard. They stayed only a few minutes, but the impact was long lasting!

Bright Light Sites

You can begin your search for a ministry to plug into at Are you passionate about serving struggling people in your community? Then volunteer with your local Christian Women’s Job Corps or Christian Men’s Job Corps site and help women and men gain job skills and life skills.

Or you can visit the North American Mission Board website or your Baptist state convention website to find short- and long-term volunteer opportunities in your state ranging from evangelism to construction to disaster relief to Vacation Bible School.

And don’t forget to check out local church websites to see if they are ministering in areas that interest you. Churches can work together to shine even brighter for Christ.

How to Shine

  • Volunteer at the local food bank or rescue mission. At the food bank, you can sort and pack donated food as well as deliver it. The work may include heavy lifting so be prepared for that. At the rescue mission, you can serve a meal, mow the lawn, or help with child care. Invite someone to go with you, or go at the same time each week to get to know others who volunteer regularly.
  • Adopt an elementary school. Organize an annual prayerwalk, collect school supplies or socks and underwear, or start an afterschool tutoring ministry. Recruit a man to serve as a tutor since some students may need a strong male figure in their life.
  • Deliver monthly treats to a nearby fire station. Find a ministry partner who loves to bake. Get together to prepare and package the treats and pray for the people who will receive them. Be sure to include a note of appreciation and encouragement for the firefighters.
  • Take a friend with you to visit those who are in the hospital, homebound, or new to your church or community. Spend time with those in need and pray with them.

Your ministry partner may even need more of Christ’s light in his or her life. Continue to build a relationship and share prayer concerns with each other along the way. Consider becoming prayer partners. 

“Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matt. 5:16).

Gail Veale is a member of Cary First Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina.

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