Leadership Training for Women on Mission

Develop is WMU’s online and on-demand leadership training! It is a tool to help WMU leaders equip their churches and missions groups to be radically involved in the mission of God.

Each course

  • offers quality training to WMU leaders;
  • serves as stand-alone training or part of a WMU leader certification program;
  • is cost effective, easy to access, and educationally sound.

Currently online for Women on Mission Leaders:

Leading Women on Mission
A course to introduce and provide step-by-step guidance in leading a Women on Mission group.

Uniquely Designed: Adults
A course to help you discover you how God has designed the unique physical, mental, social, and spiritual characteristics of adults throughout the stages of adulthood.

Visit ChristianLeaderLearning.com for more information or to register for your first class!

Age Level: 
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