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July Meeting Plan

(See Missions Mosaic, page 26.)

How Do You Make a Difference?

Helping others

What are you doing to make a difference in someone else's life?

When you do something that matters to someone else, you can feel the satisfaction from the positive impact. You know you are making a difference.

When Jesus was on earth, He spent His time teaching His disciples how to complete a task that mattered. That task was then charged to us. It still matters and makes differences in so many lives.

A Healthy Leader’s Bible Study Goes Deep

leather Bible sitting on a green couch

It didn’t take long telling Bible stories in South Asia to find out that Jesus’ healing of a bleeding woman (Mark 5:24–34) was the favorite story of many women.

Devotional Material: A Supplement to Bible Reading

woman studying devotional alongside Bible

Have you noticed health fads are a hot topic right now? Everywhere you turn, another vitamin, supplement, or special shake is being sold as the one perfect plan that will make you completely healthy.

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