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Counting on You

Week of Prayer for North American Missions

This week (March 6–13), Southern Baptists all over the country are joining together for the Week of Prayer for North American Missions. During this time, churches commit to pray for the work of our North American missionaries as they share the love of Jesus with others. The children you lead in missions will certainly want to participate in this special week of prayer, too! Consider involving girls and boys in one or more of the following activities.

Spring is Almost Here!

Spring is almost here. Well, at least on the calendar anyway. Springtime weather and temperatures may still be a month or so away for many people. But, right now is a good time to plan for the warmer weather and what to do after feeling trapped inside all winter long. Here are some springtime activities to plan for your family.

When a Child Hurts


Think about the children you teach each week. In your CA, GA, or RA group, is there a child who is withdrawn? How about one who blurts answers out of turn or constantly seeks your attention? What about a child who seems angry most of the time?

Instead being frustrated with the child’s actions, consider that something might have happened in that child’s life to cause him or her to act that way.

Children, like adults, cannot check their emotional baggage at the door. Unfortunately, they bring those experiences with them when they come to missions classrooms. And, those experiences sometimes cause children to act in ways that may take away from learning activities that are happening with other children.

Every week, you have the opportunity to reach out to the children in your care and remind them that regardless of what has happened outside of the walls of your missions classroom, they are valuable to not only you as their leader, but they are also valuable to God. Their lives have great purpose!

Behavior Management SOS

Discipline for disruptive behavior can be one of the greatest challenges in children’s ministry. Undesirable behavior often distracts other children, causing them to lose focus. Stopping an activity to handle disruptive behavior can diminish the effectiveness of a teaching moment.

To reduce a child’s need to misbehave, make sure your missions group is a nurturing and loving environment where children feel safe, secure, and respected. Use these tips to keep your group sailing on an even keel:

• Invite children to help you create a list of simple classroom rules. This way, your group will have ownership of rules that encourage respect and provide an optimum learning environment.

• Praise children often to reinforce positive behavior. Display a consistent expectation of positive behavior and disapproval of disruptive behavior.

• Redirect a misbehaving child’s attention. Ask him or her a specific question related to the discussion or activity.

• Stand near a child who is being disruptive. Your presence will often discourage unacceptable behavior and refocus the child, without disturbing your teaching momentum.

Summer Missions Ideas

by Kathy Firkins

Summer is a relaxing and laid-back time for most people. During the summer months, many families come to church events who might not participate during the busy school year.

This summer, plan a few fun events to stay in touch with current and prospective members of your children’s missions organizations. Or, allow time for extra events during your summer missions meetings. Here are a few ideas:

Have a Splash Party with water games. Encourage participants to donate money to Pure Water Pure Love. Learn more at

Schedule a Bike Out for World Hunger. Choose a local park where participants can earn money to alleviate world hunger. Visit for hunger relief information.

Begin planning your Christmas in August drive to collect supplies for missionaries. Visit our Christmas in August page for ideas and supply lists.

Missions: From Childhood to Adulthood

Having a missions discipleship organization for preschoolers, children, students, or adults at your church is great. But having all four simultaneously is even better! Age-level missions organizations build on each other to provide a strong foundation in missions education.

In Mission Friends, preschoolers learn about God’s love for them and for others.

Girls in ActionChildren in Action, and Royal Ambassadors understand that God wants them to be part of His plan as they learn about missions, pray for missions, give to missions, and do missions.

Acteens, Challengers and Youth on Mission help students grow in their faith journey, discover their spiritual gifts, and learn how God equips those He calls to serve Him.

Let's Get Started

“Pastor, where do I get started?”

Having served as a pastor for many years, I’ve heard that question countless times. Getting started on a new project can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t believe you have the needed tools to accomplish the work.

Being a missions leader can be a difficult job! It’s okay to be honest about that and understand that training is needed to be the best leader possible.

At national WMU, we know your struggle. That’s why we try to provide the very best missions education materials possible for you, your missions organizations, and your church.

If you are considering starting a missions organization or if you are new to missions, you might want to check out our “Get Started” videos. These videos offer great ideas on starting Children in Action, Girls in Action, or Royal Ambassadors.

As you have time, check out the following videos:

Create a Buzz About Your Group

Have you ever heard the term “create a buzz”? Advertisers strive to get people so excited about their project that they’ll tell their family, friends, and maybe even strangers about it.

Here are four tips for “creating a buzz” about the children’s missions group in your church:

Celebrate Learning
Share with parents how their child is growing in his or her understanding of God, the world, and service to God and others.

Create Fun Learning Experiences
Parents will be excited when their see their child’s love for missions.

Involve Parents in Ministry Projects
Invite parents to participate in some of your group’s ministry projects. Let them catch the excitement by getting involved.

Share Pictures
Photograph the children and send pictures home when possible. Post photos outside the classroom, so parents will see the pictures at pick-up and drop-off.

Three Steps to Reach Parents Within and Beyond the Church Walls

Did you know that children’s missions leaders minister to families every week? As the lives of children are influenced through children’s missions, these changes overflow into their family life.

In some cases parents may not attend church, but will bring their children. A children’s leader may be the only point of personal contact that parents have with the church.

Here are three steps to help you reach out to parents:

Step 1

Develop a friendship. Greet parents when they leave their children and retrieve them from class. Show genuine interest in the child and his or her family.

Step 2

Talk to parents about how their child is developing spiritually. You can use statements such as “Janie really likes to pray for missionaries,” or “Bradley has been asking questions about becoming a Christian.” Don’t be afraid to talk about spiritual matters. You may be the only person that these parents speak with about spiritual matters.

Step 3


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