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Where Are They Now?

Ever wonder if the featured missionary kid in our MK Profiles still loves mac and cheese or still wants to be a lion tamer when he or she grows up? Each month, we’ll give “Where Are They Now?” updates on MKs we featured in the 2000s. We hope this will be a lot of fun and will provide children with a better idea of how their prayers today make a difference in the lives of MKs for years to come.

This Month - August 2018


August 2018 Ideas

August: Lygia Lovelace's Testimony

I chose to make Jesus my Lord and Savior when I was 9 years old. I was always active in church. I was even a GA and an Acteen! The things I learned in GA and Acteens influenced my heart toward missions.

I dearly loved my GA leader. She loved us, too, because she also taught us when we became Acteens! When I was 15 years old, our youth group at church went to a missionary commissioning service. As I watched the new missionaries stand and make a commitment to missions, I felt God calling me to be a missionary, too. I have never forgotten that calling.

My husband, Ken, and I served with the International Mission Board for 4 years as church planters in Portugal. Today, we serve with the North American Mission Board as church planters in St. Louis, Missouri.

This Month — July 2018


July 2018 Ideas

July: Dots More

If your GAs, RAs, or CAs can’t stop after just one round of “Polka Dots” during Week 3, print a few of these reproducible game grids for encores!

July: T-Puzzle

Refer to the "T-Puzzle" activity on p. 32 of the Jun • Jul • Aug • 2018 issue of RA Leader and the "Perseverance Puzzle" activity on p. 21 of Children in Action Leader.

Download "T-Puzzle" and make one copy for each child. Separate the T-shapes and the puzzle solutions. Cut out the puzzle pieces and put the sets in small ziplock bags. Give the T-shapes and puzzle pieces to children and save the solutions for the end of the activity.

This Month — June 2018


June 2018 Ideas

June: Pray for Burkina Faso

Look up some recent news articles that address some of the issues that impact the lives of people in Burkina Faso. Check news sites as well as Search the IMB prayer lists for Burkina Faso, Ghana and West Africa at

Plan a special prayertime to focus on the immediate needs in Burkina Faso, Ghana and West Africa. Look to Acts 16:25–34 for inspiration. Here are some ideas:

This Month - March


March 2018 Ideas

March: Jesus Is King Letter Tile Game

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