Spring Break Is Right Around the Corner!

It's winter now, but spring break is on its way! Got plans yet? I would think many of the families in your church already have plans for spring break and maybe even have trips planned. That makes this month the perfect time to go ahead and put missions projects into families' hands for them to do while on vacation.

Consider sharing these ideas with the families of your church. (Tip: You can post these individual suggestions in social media or share a link to this blog in your church or children's ministry newsletter.)

Ideas for family spring break missions:

Communicating with Parents

Parent Text

Parents of preschoolers want to be involved and like to know what their preschooler is learning at church. Communication with parents is a key to involving them in their preschooler’s missions learning. Communicate with them about the missions area and missionaries for the month, the Helping Others activities, or extra volunteer help needed. Parents also like to hear what their child said or did in your Mission Friends® session. In today’s world, communication can come in many different ways.

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