Hmong WMU

Hmong WMU

Celebrating the Heart of Missions

As the Minnesota-Wisconsin Hmong WMU prepares to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our May Retreat, we want to focus on the heart of missions.

As a Hmong woman, I am so grateful for the great love of my heavenly Father who reached out to every corner of the earth to bring His children to a relationship with Him. Missions is at the very heart of God. God loves His creation so much that He would sacrifice His only Son to bring His children back home.

The Hmong people are scattered throughout Asia because they have no country of their own. They are called the mountain people because they live very high on the mountains. They are superstitious, uneducated, and very hard to reach. They worship and sacrifice to demons to appease them, so that no harm will come to their family. God’s love was able to reach the mountain people through His faithful missionaries. Their hearts were opened to the gospel and they were set free from the chains of the evil one. Many Hmong became believers because of the love for the heart of missions.

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