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The Load Unbundled

By Kimberly Hart

Are you struggling to carry a heavy load? Here are some tips for carrying a man-sized load:

  • Know what needs to be hauled.
  • Consider the distance and destination.
  • Lay aside additional weight.
  • Determine who or what can help.
  • Consult owner for special instructions.

So how do you carry a cross—see notes above. The instruction given by Jesus in Luke 9:23 to carry our cross can be hard to understand. The meaning can be lost in “churchy” language. It can also be clouded by the world’s idea that anything rough is a cross to bear.

Share His Light: Ministering with Others to Others

By: Gail Veale

Looking for a ministry and someone to serve with you? There are many opportunities in your community to share and spread the light and love of Christ.

Prayer and Passion

Pray for God to reveal your passions. Reflect on how you have served in the past and the blessings you gave and received. Ask God to open doors and then follow His leading.

Two by Two

As Jesus sent out His followers in groups of 2 (see Luke 10:1–2), you can pray for and seek out someone to minister with you. Two neighbors visited my mother-in-law recently and brought her flowers from their yard. They stayed only a few minutes, but the impact was long lasting!

Bright Light Sites

You can begin your search for a ministry to plug into at wmu.com/ministries. Are you passionate about serving struggling people in your community? Then volunteer with your local Christian Women’s Job Corps or Christian Men’s Job Corps site and help women and men gain job skills and life skills.

Leadership Training for Women on Mission

Develop is WMU’s online and on-demand leadership training! It is a tool to help WMU leaders equip their churches and missions groups to be radically involved in the mission of God.

Each course

  • offers quality training to WMU leaders;
  • serves as stand-alone training or part of a WMU leader certification program;
  • is cost effective, easy to access, and educationally sound.

Currently online for Women on Mission Leaders:

Leading Women on Mission
A course to introduce and provide step-by-step guidance in leading a Women on Mission group.

Uniquely Designed: Adults
A course to help you discover you how God has designed the unique physical, mental, social, and spiritual characteristics of adults throughout the stages of adulthood.

Prayer Quilt Ministry

Following are more best practices that the women of First Baptist Church in Cherryville, North Carolina, shared with us, in addition to those featured in the March 2011 Missions Mosaic article, "Covered in Prayer."



This ministry can easily be structured to meet at two different times of the day to accommodate anyone wanting to attend. First Baptist Church in Cherryville, North Carolina (where this project originated) chose to have their meetings on Tuesdays. In the morning session, mostly retired women attended and then in the evening, they generally drew in women who worked during the day. They shared that some women came to both sessions. 


Mats for the Homeless

Help the homeless in your area

See a step-by-step video and print instructions for creating lightweight and easily mobile plastic bag mats for the homeless.

Printable PDF instructions (one page, with photos)

Printable PDF instructions in Spanish

Instructional Video on YouTube (five minutes)

Featured in the September 2012 Missions Mosaic.

Hemming Children in Prayer

Dust off that sewing machine and find your pins and scissors. Use your sewing skills to weave God into the lives of children around the world.

Mary Beth Turberville, a school nurse, returned to her home in Phenix City, Alabama, with a renewed heart for ministry after a Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International trip to Nicaragua. The Lord put a vision in her head and a deep passion in her heart to share Christ through a children’s clothing ministry.
Turberville explains, “Missions has always been a part of my life, but in the past if I had time, I was willing to serve. Now I serve the Lord first; then if there is time left, I might do what I want. Life is not about me, but about God and what I can do for others.” With this heart change, she began to use the sewing skills she had always possessed to minister to children in other countries.

Sewing Seeds

Here’s how:
1. Set a date and location for a sewing bonanza. Invite women of all ages—from girls to grandmas. Bring your non-believing friends to this non-threatening event.
2. Organize and collect your supplies.

Backpacks for Human Trafficking Victims

Download a printable pdf with instructions for making backpacks that will promote awareness for human trafficking victims.

Printable PDF instructions (Two Pages)

Project mentioned in the February 2013 Missions Mosaic

All Dolled Up . . . Dolls on Mission

Finished dolls

The Dolls on Mission (DOM) feature was such a hit with groups all around the country! Here is all you need to know to start and finish this unique mission project.

Build-A-Doll Workshops
Helpful Tips
MORE: Salvation Necklaces
MORE: Backstory of Dolls on Mission

Finished Product Photos:

Sisters Who Care

Since its inception in October 1999, Sisters Who Care has been an integral part of Women on Mission and its efforts to include and encourage all women to be radically involved in the mission of God. Sisters Who Care is fully committed to the focus and over-arching mission of Women on Mission and seeks to motivate African-American women to join with other SBC sisters in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Sisters Who Care small group

Bring the women of your church together for a time of missional focus for the world and for your community. More detailed information on beginning or enhancing a Sisters Who Care small group may be found on our community small groups page.

Web Extras for Adults

Your Women on Mission group or Adults on Mission group may be looking for some extra ways to provide variety in your group meetings, or you may be looking for ways to connect with men and women who may not come to small group meetings but who want to be involved in focusing on missions. These "Extras" are just the thing!

Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

A Year at a Glance

A full PDF file of the upcoming 2015-2016 New Hope books and WorldCrafts picks each month.

Book of the Month

What missions-minded adults are reading in January: Finding Your Way by Sandy Lovern

WorldCrafts Item of the Month - Ebony Candlesticks from Kenya


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