Youth on Mission

Missions Trips for Youth on Mission

Are your Youth on Mission ready to test their missions mettle away from home?

Here are two ways you and your students can take your missions service to the next level.

Youth on Mission Point Teams

Youth on Mission Point Teams work alongside missionaries to help enhance and further the work they do on the field. Point Teams can serve with North American and international missionaries.

What do Point Teams do? Basically, anything the missionaries need them to do! That is, within the scope of the students’ skills, talents, and abilities.

Types of ministry activities include but are not limited to

  • Bible clubs
  • drama, music, and puppets
  • food and clothing distribution
  • working with refugees and migrant workers
  • community surveys
  • light construction
  • addressing social issues

The application process will guide you through selecting the types of ministries you would prefer to work with. National WMU then matches your preferences to requests from missionaries.

About Youth on Mission

Youth on Mission is the coed missions education organization for teenagers ages 12–17 or in grades 7–12. Youth on Mission is just one of the missions education organizations offered by WMU. Youth on Mission guides teenagers to a greater understanding of God’s work in the world and how they can join Him in His work.

Through Youth on Mission teenagers have the opportunity to learn about missions in such a way that they are challenged to live their lives openly for Christ in a very real and radical way. Students have the opportunity to experience the world through mission studies, cultural experiences, and hands-on missions involvement. Students learn that God can use them every day in countless ways to change their world.

What is Youth on Mission?

Why have Youth on Mission in your church?

Value of Student Missions

Youth on Mission FAQs

What is Youth on Mission?

  • Youth on Mission is a missions organization for students ages 12–17 or in grades 7–12.
  • Youth on Mission offers students in your church opportunities to grow in their relationships with God and their peers.
  • Youth on Mission helps students learn that they can be a part of God’s work in the world.
  • Youth on Mission allows you to provide coed missions education for your students.

Who can be in Youth on Mission?

  • Any student, ages 12–17 or in grades 7–12, who wants to participate can be a member of Youth on Mission.
  • Church membership is not required.
  • Youth on Mission can include students from the same church or from different churches in a community.
  • Your church may incorporate Youth on Mission within an ongoing aspect of your student ministry program. Students will participate by virtue of their place in your total program.
  • You may choose to have multiple Youth on Mission groups based on age, location, interests, or schedules.

Who leads Youth on Mission?


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