Community Missions: Shock the Community for Christ!

How would you like to shock your community for Christ? Take your missions group outside the church walls to impact your area with God’s love.

Here’s how your group can do community missions:

  • Identify a family in need in your community who doesn’t belong to your church. Look for someone in your church who already has a natural connection with an elderly couple, a family with a special-needs child, or a family with many medical needs.
  • Know the needs. Does the family’s house need painting? Does their yard need upkeep? Are they unable to cook for themselves? How can your group meet these needs?
  • Involve as many as possible. Invite the families of your group members to all participate—men, women, and children. The more willing hands you have, the more you will be able to do.
  • Determine everyone’s individual strengths and capabilities and devise a plan of action. Don’t count out the children! Ask them to help with household chores and play with the family’s children while the work is being done. Give each person a specific job so that everyone stays involved throughout your missions project. If you are organized, then you will also be able to accomplish more.
  • Think big! A church in metropolitan Atlanta recently helped a family with a special-needs child. Church members outfitted the family’s bathroom with handicap equipment and installed a wheelchair lift on the family’s staircase. Another way to think big is to think beyond the day. If the family has difficulty fixing daily meals, prepare several freezer meals to be used at a later date.
  • Stay connected with the family. Don’t just serve this family one day and then abandon them. Help them come to church if they are able. Take meals to them when needed. Remember them on your church prayer lists. Visit with them often.
  • Motivate others. Once your missions project is finished, use your group’s experience to encourage others to do the same thing. Share pictures and testimonies with other groups at your church, at a missions event, or in a worship service. If the family is willing, videotape them telling about how your group helped their family.

John 13:35 tells us that the world will know we are Jesus’ disciples by the way we love one another. One way we can do this is by taking His love outside the church walls. Shock your community for Christ today!

Laci Post writes articles and historical fiction from Dallas, Georgia, where she lives with her husband, Jason, and sons, Avery and Elijah.             

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