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Through an initiative called Project HELP, WMU identifies a social and moral issue and ties in national projects that help lead the church to address it.

Since the launch of Project HELP in 1994-1995, WMU has focused on a variety of universal problems over the years ranging from hunger and poverty to HIV/AIDS and racial injustice. With each issue, we seek to raise the level of awareness and provide practical approaches anyone can implement to open the door for meeting needs and sharing the gospel.

2014 - 2018
Project HELP: PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can affect anyone—veterans, first responders, victims of violence, natural disaster survivors, and others. 

One of the most healing resources for someone who suffers from PTSD is community, and being in community is one of the core functions of the body of Christ. Discover how you and your church can walk alongside them.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a diagnosable mental disorder as classified by the DSM-V.  Some key facts about PTSD include the following:

  • PTSD is a diagnosable mental health disorder that must be diagnosed by a professional.
  • PTSD is caused by certain events such as sexual abuse, natural disasters, serious accidents, participating in war, etc. 
  • Anyone is susceptible to PTSD after a traumatic event.
  • PTSD is experienced around the world, though women are twice as likely to develop PTSD as men. Some research suggests this is due to the fact that women are more likely to experience interpersonal trauma than men.

Key Resources: 

Help all age levels in your church understand and learn how to address the issue of post-traumatic stress disorder with these resources.


Sometimes I Am Afraid

Preschoolers are not typically diagnosed with PTSD, but they may experience fear after surviving a natural disaster, losing a loved one, or going through other uncertain situations. This book’s reassuring, warm text and illustrations can help Mission Friends leaders and parents comfort preschoolers and teach them to trust God and pray when they are afraid. Suggestions for using the book are included.


Always Remember to Pray

What does it mean to pray? When should we pray? Teach preschoolers the answers to these questions using the colorful illustrations and engaging text in this picture book. This resource offers both teachers and families of preschoolers concrete, practical assistance in teaching preschoolers that God wants His children to pray to Him in every situation in life.



Ignite (CD): An Experience to Spark Compassion for People Who Hurt
This interactive experience is designed to help students gain a deeper understanding about those who hurt and ideas for putting faith into mission action as they minister to the hurting individuals around them. The CD contains leader instructions, student handouts, and graphic elements.



The Care Effect: Unleashing the Power of Compassion
Discover what happens when individuals and a church, corporately, begin to minister to their neighbor with intentionality, consistency, and passion. The Care Effect beautifully demonstrates how love of neighbor—the Great Commandment—is essential to gospel proclamation, not incidental to it. Walk the streets of New Orleans with a body of believers as they show love to neighbor. Be inspired to find a way to let your deeds of love be united with words so you too manifest the gospel to your neighbor.

Your Pain Is Changing You
Suffering shapes your life—your goals, dreams, values, and priorities. While you cannot choose events that come your way or sorrows that interrupt your life, you can choose your response to them. In this book, author David Crosby encourages readers to focus on their response to suffering rather than explain why. Through a narrated view of real-life stories of suffering, Crosby helps transform readers’ perspectives on pain, sorrow, and trouble.

Trading Up
This 56-page PTSD Story Set offers 12 small-group sessions with targeted discussion questions as examples of hope and healing for PTSD sufferers and people who want to walk alongside them. It includes Bible stories prepared for telling, Bible story backgrounds, scripture promises, points to make, discussion questions, review questions, and more. This story set may be tailored to your particular audience.


All Ages:

Drawing Near
This resource kit helps the church understand ways to create a loving community around those struggling with PTSD. It is not a clinical resource but a tool containing an overview of PTSD, a Bible study on the spiritual dimensions of PTSD, a focused prayer plan, a teaching plan, PTSD resources for all ages, suggested missions projects for all ages, ideas for mobilizing a church’s response through care teams, and a poster to promote involvement in ministry.


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