Girls' Friendship Party

Celebrate your girl friends by hosting a party or sleepover. Have girls take the lead in planning the evening—they will plan the food, games, and activities.

Here a few ideas:

  • Plan the party food around friendship. Have everyone bring a certain ingredient that will be used for the food. Everyone will bring one item, but everyone will share or prepare the meal using what was brought.
  • Plan a friendship tea. Girls will serve and prepare the tea for each other. No one should prepare her own tea or plate; her friend will find out what she likes and bring it to her.
  • Play cooperation games together. The goal is to finish a task together, not compete with each other. Choose what best fits your group. Bunko works great for larger groups, but most card games or board games will also work.
  • Play “Sleeping Bag Pile Up.” Everyone will lay their blankets corner to corner. While music plays, girls will dance around, and when it stops, everyone will pile on top of the blankets. Remove blankets each time so that the pile grows smaller, until eventually just one blanket remains for all girls to crowd on together.
  • Use this opportunity to promote a summer camp for girls. Invite older teenaged girls to be speakers and lead worship. Do a mini-camp with your girls.
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