Praying for Christmas in August Missionaries

Christmas in August package

Christmas in August is a wonderful way to involve preschoolers in supporting missions by giving ministry supplies requested from a North American missionary. This is also a great opportunity to support Christmas in August missionaries through prayer. As your Mission Friends® collect the items needed, lead them in praying for the missionary and the ministries in which the items will be used.

  • Guide preschoolers in praying specifically for the missionary you have chosen to send supplies. Find the list of missionaries in Mission Friends Leader, pages 44–45, or on the Christmas in August page on the website.

  • Read on the Christmas in August list about the missionary’s ministries so you can talk with preschoolers about ways the supplies will be used.

  • Cut a simple Christmas ornament shape from red or green construction paper, one for each preschooler. Write on one side of the ornament: Pray for (missionary name). Allow preschoolers to decorate the other side with Christmas stickers, markers, or glitter glue. As they take the ornaments home, tell parents to let this be a reminder for their family to pray for the missionary.

  • Read Always Remember to Pray with preschoolers. Focus on praying for missionaries, from pages 10–11. Ask preschoolers to tell you ways to pray for your Christmas in August missionary.

  • With kindergartners in your Books interest area, write a list on large chart paper of their responses about ways to pray for the missionary. Post the list on the wall and use their ideas to pray at different times in the session.

  • Include prayer for the missionary in your Prayertime during Group Time each week.

  • As your Mission Friends help pack boxes of items requested, lead your preschoolers in prayer for the missionary as they use the items to help share God’s love with others.

  • Lead your preschoolers to pray also for the people who will receive the items. Pray they would hear about Jesus and His love.

Your Mission Friends’ gifts and prayers for Christmas in August missionaries do make a difference. To find out how Christmas in August made a difference to missionaries, David and Kathy Parsons, recipients in 2016, read Christmas in August Gifts Create “Pathway to Sharing the Gospel.” As missionaries have needs for items to be able to reach out to others in their communities, our preschoolers can take part in helping to meet the needs.

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