Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Who is Lottie? Many Southern Baptists don’t know who Lottie Moon is or why their churches are constantly raising money for her at Christmas.

Is Lottie Moon a creditor, like Sallie Mae or Freddie Mac?

Not at all. The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO) provides critical funding for Southern Baptists’ international missions efforts. An annual goal is set by the WMU Executive Board in consultation with the International Mission Board’s executive staff, allowing Southern Baptists to send and equip missionaries around the world.

The offering is named for Lottie Moon, a missionary to China whose letters pleading for mission support still resonate today. She died December 24, 1912, after living a life of total sacrifice to God and the people of China.

The LMCO can help reconnect Southern Baptists to the core of Christmas—Jesus was born to save the world.

To raise LMCO awareness in your Adults on Mission group or other small group, download IMB videos. And spur prayer support by learning about the missionaries featured during the Week of Prayer for International Missions.

But funds are needed, too. Consider initiating a LMCO emphasis in your group by adopting/adapting some of these ideas:

  • Match it. Challenge group members to give to the offering the same amount they spend on their most expensive Christmas gift.
  • Make the group Christmas party a Lottie party. Request that members give what they would have spent on party supplies and refreshments to the offering. Instead of focusing on food and games, gather for mission stories, prayer, and songs.
  • Plan ahead for next year’s offering. Ask group members to step out in faith and pledge a specific amount to missions each month above their tithe. Set a group goal based on how much it costs to support a missionary for a day ($140), a week ($981), or even a month ($4,250). Consider asking other groups to help reach the goal.

For more ideas, visit imb.org.



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