My Church and Missions

Church and missions

Our Mission Friends took turns holding the extra-large knitting needle with one hand and pulling the yarn around with their other hand. Mrs. Mary Ann showed them how to make a stitch. She also showed them the baby booties and small caps made by the knitting group at our church. They give the caps and booties to preemie babies at local hospitals. Mrs. Mary Ann told our Mission Friends that this is how our “knitting ladies” show God’s love to the families of the little babies.

As preschoolers grow in missions awareness, we want them to know how their own church tells others about Jesus and shows His love to others. The objective of WMU states this as “participate in the work of the church and denomination,” but for preschoolers, I think of it as “my church and missions.” Preschoolers need to know about the ways their church reaches out to others in Jesus’ name. They also need to know that their church works with other churches to send missionaries in North America and around the world.

Involve your own preschoolers in missions and ministry efforts of your church. Find out about the local ministries in which your church is involved. You probably already know of ways your church is involved within your community, or ask your pastor or other church leaders about ways your church reaches out to others. Determine ways that would be appropriate for preschoolers to be involved in what your church is already doing to share Christ’s love with others. Preschoolers can decorate grocery bags or place stickers on cans for a feeding ministry. If your church is involved in stocking weekend backpacks for children at a local school, your Mission Friends could bring items for the backpacks. They can make cards for a shut-in ministry, or collect socks if your church is involved in a homeless ministry. Ask a person in your church who is involved in that ministry to visit a Mission Friends session and briefly tell preschoolers how they share God’s love.

If your church has a team that is going on a missions trip, help your preschoolers understand what the team will be doing. Preschoolers can collect items to be used by the missions team on the trip. Use the cut-out of Molly from Molly’s Adventures in Missions for the team to use in photos on the missions trip. They can then use these photos when they return to show preschoolers what the team did on the missions trip to tell others about Jesus.

As your preschoolers give their offerings, help them to know that your church works with other churches by putting the offerings together to send missionaries. During the month of March, churches across our nation will give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering as we focus on North American missions. Churches give to international missions work through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. We give to state missions work through state offerings. Part of our regular tithes and offerings supports missions work through Cooperative Program giving. These are all opportunities to help preschoolers know that we work together with other churches to give so missionaries can share Jesus’ love with others.

Take a look at what your church does in missions and ministry within your community. Think of  simple ways to involve your Mission Friends. This will help preschoolers learn about “my church and missions.”

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