Building Resilience within Preschoolers

A Caring Adult

In helping preschoolers build resilience, we must help them develop a sense of trust. Developing trust is one of the key tasks of the early years, and will affect the child’s development even in later years. In order to develop a sense of trust, the preschooler must feel loved and secure. Developing a sense of trust gives the preschooler inner strength and confidence that will then carry him through the challenges of life. The development of trust is also key in preschoolers’ faith development as they learn to trust in God. The following are four things you can give preschoolers to help them develop a sense of trust.

A Caring Adult

Preschoolers need someone on whom they can rely. This means consistency in being there for them, not only in our attendance with them but also in our attention to them. Preschoolers’ physical needs must be met, but they also need a caring adult who will meet their needs for love and nurture. What are the ways you show preschoolers that you care for them?


A Secure Environment

Preschoolers develop a sense of trust when they know they are safe in their environment. Make sure preschoolers are safe through volunteer background checks, a disaster safety plan, and safe classroom materials. Assure that preschoolers are safe physically, and secure in the emotional environment too. Provide guidance so the preschooler will know that you will not allow him or others to get hurt. How do you provide a positive and secure environment for preschoolers?


A Listening Ear

Preschoolers learn to trust when they know you are listening to them. Give a listening ear to preschoolers by giving your full attention to them as they talk to you. Make eye contact, which means being at their eye level instead of always towering above them. Use resources such as Always Remember to Pray and Sometimes I Am Afraid to prompt conversations with preschoolers. Ask questions and give them time to respond. Trust grows as you listen and respond to preschoolers. Do you genuinely listen to your preschoolers?


An Encouraging Word

Trust builds as you notice preschoolers and acknowledge them. Sit with preschoolers and give encouragement as they work on activities. Have an understanding of the age group you teach, so you can provide activities in which they will be challenged but yet have opportunities to succeed. Give encouragement for preschoolers to complete activities. Provide help when needed and celebrate their successes. Is there a preschooler who needs your encouraging words?

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