Why Women Join Groups

I know many of you have thought of this challenge—how do we get younger women involved in missions? Why don’t more women come to the group? Or if you haven’t started a group yet, why is it not on more people’s radar? Maybe you are very passionate about missions, but it doesn’t seem that others share your passion at times.

Studies have been done in the secular and Christian world as to why women join all kinds of groups, but I feel we can apply the research to growing our myMISSION groups. A woman joins a group for these four main reasons:

  1. They feel loved and wanted. There is a sense of community. It is friendly, informal, and in a word—FUN! 
  2. They can have input as to what the group does. Their opinion matters.
  3. Whatever the cause of the group is, the woman believes in the cause. If the group is a play group for her child, she believes in the cause that her child needs to socialize. If it is a missions group, the person needs to buy into the causes the group focuses on. Maybe the group is passionate about orphans and foster children. The person would join the group because of that purpose.
  4. Lastly, each woman has felt needs that she feels strongly about. If she is newly married, a felt need of hers is to strengthen her marriage. If she is a college student, she is concerned about her grades and her social group on campus. These are felt needs. Now we, as missions educators, know that these woman have other needs. They need to pray, learn about, and be involved in missions action. But this does not mean that the woman feels that need until she is convicted by the call of God. So sometimes we have to start a group that meets a felt need and as time progresses and as the group members grow in Christ, the missions part of the group can grow. But to get them to be a part of the group, they will have to see that they are being taught things that will be useful and beneficial to their lives.

I hope this helps as we are reaching young women!

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