Coed Ministry Leaders

Coed ministry is a growing ministry! WMU works to equip men and women for missions in many ways.

Leaders are the people who show the way and help WMU fulfill its purpose. The term leaders is a designation for those who lead. Leadership is the process of leading or the influence a person exerts. WMU needs both!

Leaders for Adults on Mission may be called a leader or teacher for a group and a coordinator for more than one group.

If you're new . . .

You'll want to check out these suggested resources, which will give you an overview of materials that you'll find helpful as you organize your ongoing missions learning efforts. 

Missions Plan Book 2016-2017
This comprehensive, easy-to-use resource can help language/ethnic congregations, Adults on Mission groups, and small churches grow in missions involvement! Includes mission action and ministry ideas as well as monthly Bible studies, mission studies, missionary prayer requests, lesson plans, and more. In Basic English.

12 months that men and women can change lives! Invite adults in your church to see your community with fresh eyes - eyes that focus on the needs all around them. This book can help you rally your people and their abilities to meet the challenge before them.

Missions Mosaic
Mission Mosaic is written primarily to women, however each monthly issue has three features written broadly for all Christians. These feature articles can provide curriculum for up to three different types of monthly meetings. They are:

• Missionary Focus: for groups that want to learn more about missionaries and their work around the world.
• Prayer: for those who are committed to intercession for missionaries, for missions needs, and for each other.
• Bible Study: for study focusing on topics that nurture.

12 issues of ideal reading for members of Women on Mission and any woman who wants to grow spiritually. Articles in this monthly magazine include women’s issues, Bible study, prayer, how to minister and witness, spiritual development, and much more. Annual Subscription (12 monthly issues) $20.99

Missions Leader
Missions Leader is an essential quarterly planning tool for all missions leaders in the church including WMU directors and leaders, pastors, and other church staff. 
It is a unique blend of magazine content, leadership tools, and color posters. Just what you need when you need it! One resource replaces Missions Leader magazine and the WMU Leadership Team Resource Kit.

Missions Leader offers functionality to make your job as a local church or associational WMU leader easier and more exciting! 

• Simple and clear - sections include planning calendars for implementing programs, theme suggestions, and program ideas. 
• Targeted - age-level focus highlights specific ideas and products to benefit members, along with targeted tips for supporting age-level leaders. 
• Fresh - creative interpretations of seasonal annual events (like World Hunger Sunday and Focus on WMU) keep missions activities fresh and engaging year-round. 
• Inviting - new posters are included with each issue for use in leadership meetings or promotion, relating to the focus for the season.
• Efficient - pages are loose-leaf and hole-punched, so you can easily make copies, distribute sections, and organize in a notebook for future use.
• Practical - the design is easy to use and is set up like a personal planning tool to help make your job as a leader more organized and streamlined.

Annual Subscription (3 issues: Fall, Spring, and Summer) $19.99

New Hope Catalog
New Hope Publishers, the publishing imprint of WMU, offers a variety of books, Bible studies, and teaching resources that encourage men and women to live for and serve Christ in their world.

These resources can help your church's love for missions multiply by leaps and bounds. You can order a catalog of New Hope resources free of charge by calling 1-800-968-7301 or by emailing




If you're looking for other missions and ministry ideas . . .

You'll want to check out the Serve and Support link and Missional Stories on the Adults on Mission and Women on Mission pages. All of these are updated monthly, so check back with us often to see what's new!


If you're looking for other hands-on missions opportunities . . .

You'll want to definitely check out ways to serve and support WMU. We offer SO MANY different types of amazing ministry outlets! There's truly something for everyone.

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