Waiting for an Invitation

This month, both state and national WMU staff are gathering in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for a time of leadership development and missions training. The Western Regional Leadership Summit is the result of months of praying and thinking together about ways to increase missions awareness and involvement in churches in our western states. We are grateful for the support of Del Norte Baptist Church, New Mexico WMU, and convention staff and volunteers who so willingly agreed to host this first unique gathering of western missions leaders. I hope you are planning to join us!

You may wonder, “Why spend the time and money to come together for a meeting like this one?” With increased avenues of online training available, many are predicting events in general could be fewer in number in the years ahead. At national WMU, we understand the travel and financial challenges many of us face and are moving in the direction of online leadership development ourselves. We will launch a certificate program in missional leadership later this year. But as we planned our approach for online development, we could not help but feel the importance of some time being allocated for face-to-face meetings. There is just something special about being together, sharing our stories and struggles in leading others, and experiencing the fellowship of Christians who share our passion for missions.

These are the reasons we are providing opportunities to come together in New Mexico this month, Ohio in June, and Birmingham in October—to experience those things we can only experience when we are together. Developing leaders is not for the faint of heart. I feel certain the women who drove me to my first regional training event in the early 1970s wondered if anyone could help this very shy, young woman learn to lead teenagers in missions education. Through the conferences and worship times, I began to realize God wanted to use me and if I was willing, He would teach me and walk with me as I tried to lead. I’m so glad I didn’t say no when the women in my church invited me to go with them for training. I am a different person today because of their invitation.

Think about the individuals within your sphere of influence. What can you do to offer them the opportunity to learn how to lead, how to plan, and how to share their story of faith with others? What impact could their leadership have on your church as you seek greater missions involvement through praying, giving, and going? Sometimes they are simply waiting to be invited into the missions leadership arena. Pay attention to their interests, gifts, and abilities. Think of areas in your church where they could serve, and ask them to help. As we commit ourselves this year to live an “All for You” kind of life, let’s also remember to invite others to join us on the journey toward missional leadership.

Join Us!

Western Regional Leadership Summit

Del Norte Baptist Church
Albuquerque, New Mexico
February 19–21, 2015

WMU Missions Celebration and Annual Meeting

First Baptist Church of Grove City
Columbus, Ohio
June 14–15, 2015

Conference Leading Conference (save the date, check back for details soon)

National WMU
Birmingham, Alabama
October 8–10, 2015

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