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Myers Family

Brett Myers recently sent us the following update on his ministry at Southwinds Church at Mahogany. As you read his update, please consider how you can share this information with your preschoolers in age-appropriate ways.

“Thanks so much for spending time praying for our family.

Things are going well here. Our church family is growing, and God is certainly blessing our work. We have 5 baptisms to do as soon as the lake in our community warms up after winter, so that’s very exciting! Of course, we meet in a community center, so we don’t have an indoor baptismal pool.

We seem to really be growing a lot in young families, which is who lives in our community. We average 45–50 on Sundays, and would have about 70–80 if all of our “regulars” were there at one time. And of those 70–80, we counted a couple weeks ago 30+ kids from newborn to 12 years old . . . which of course, brings such life to the church. 

We are also praying that God would allow us to start another church, alongside the church that we planted out of (Southwinds Church at Cranston). We believe God has sent us a church planter for that new work from Ohio, and are excited to start walking through the third church plant together in our area. 

Here are some up-to-date prayer requests:

Prayer Requests

Pray with preschoolers

We are trying to buy a home, and having a little trouble with it since we are still considered “new to Canada,” even though we have been here for 2 years. Our economy is struggling right now, so it’s a great time to buy, and we hope to be here long-term anyway. So, pray that we know God’s will in this.  Pray that God will help Mr. and Mrs. Myers as they look for a home to buy.
We are 8 months old as a church now, but are just starting the process of becoming our own legal entity, according to the government. So, pray for us as we put together all of our documents (by-laws, constitution, etc.) that the government requires.  Pray that God will help Mr. and Mrs. Myers as they work together with others in creating their own church
We are planning for our summer outreach program now, which involves 5 weeks of kids sports camps, and a VBS week. Pray that God gives us guidance through this process, and that God would bring the people to those camps that need to hear the Gospel. Typically at these camps, we have about 90–95% kids who don’t have a relationship with Christ. Pray that God will help Mr. and Mrs. Myers and their church as they plan summer camps and Vacation Bible School for the children in their community. Pray that all the children who need to hear about Jesus will come to camp or Vacation Bible School.

Again, thank you for your prayers!”

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