Doing Versus Being

Leaders are busy people. That is certainly true for myMISSION leaders who feel like they are performing a juggling act of responsibilities. However, as leaders it is easy to substitute or confuse serving God with loving God.

Serving God focuses on what we do. We may mistakenly begin to think that the more we do or the better we do it, the more we please God. We work tirelessly, often neglecting our bodies, our families, or other responsibilities, all the while convincing ourselves we are being a great leader in God’s kingdom.

However, throughout the Bible God tells us that His greatest goal for us is to live fully and freely in His love and respond to His love by loving Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Loving God focuses on being. Being God’s child, fully loved and free to enjoy a loving relationship with Him, is what God desires for you. The goal is to live fully in God’s love.

Christian leaders need to intentionally engage in a process of spiritual formation in order to more fully understand and live in this love relationship with God. Spiritual formation is:

  1. A process. It is a process of being formed in the likeness of Jesus Christ. You are in a relationship with God forever. Allow His Spirit to unfold your becoming over time.
  2. A process “that takes place in us.” We cannot make formation happen in our lives. God’s Spirit does that work. Our role as leaders is to cooperate and make ourselves available to God.
  3. A process of relating, not mastering, information. Spiritual formation is not “knowing about” God; it is “knowing” the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit intimately.
  4. A process that remakes us. In the very depths of our will our attitudes and actions are remade in the likeness of Jesus Christ.
  5. A process that results in love for God and for the world. As we are spiritually formed, we are remade in the likeness of Jesus Christ in His love for the Father and the world.

As you grasp these truths, you can be a great leader—formed in His image, and you can share these truths with the women you lead in your myMISSION group.

Adapted from Women on Mission Leader, “A Leader’s Dilemma: Doing versus Being” by Clella Lee (Spring 2016)

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