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I love wandering through bookstores when I have free time. While I have a Kindle and a tablet for reading when I fly on airplanes, I really prefer a real book. I love the feel and smell of a new book and the comfort it brings as my mind is transported wherever the book takes me.

I especially love missionary biographies like Both Feet In by Bud Fray and A Thousand Times Yes by Wana Ann Fort. Books like these provide deeper insight into the life and calling of missionaries and inspire us to lead and participate in missions with passion as well as knowledge. Their stories challenge us to commit our very best to the calling God has given us to live a missional life.

February is the perfect month to consider this calling anew, grow in our missions involvement, and encourage others to go deeper as well. Focus on WMU (February 8–14) seeks to draw attention to the missions purpose for which we exist. Step back and evaluate where you are with your missions emphasis and goals this year and decide what else needs to be accomplished before the busy months of summer. Do you need to increase your visual presence at church? From bulletin boards to videos, what creative ways can you use images of those in your church family doing missions? Seek to keep missions information in front of your church in as many different ways as possible. Explore opportunities to introduce others to missions through WMU and share the value and relevance of involving all ages in missions discipleship.

Children’s Ministry Day (February 13) is one avenue for engaging members of Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, and Children in Action and other children in missions. Using the ideas prepared in the All for You Promotion Pack, create and host a missions event involving all ages in the church while meeting needs in your community. What better way to express the purpose of WMU than by demonstrating it through mission action?! Be sure to capture images from the missions event, too; the visual of children and adults working together to impact their community can be very powerful as well as a significant way to teach missions to our children.

We’re at the halfway point in the year. Keeping the momentum going requires creative thinking. It’s not too late to start something new in February. In addition to visuals and ministry projects, why not create new small groups around ideas of interest that will lead to growth in missions? If you like to read and enjoy books as I do, why not start a book club? They are very popular among younger adults, and when you combine missions and reading, you have a natural entry point for engaging more people in missions. Think creatively and be open to new ways of connecting people with all aspects of missions; learning, praying, giving, going, and God’s love for the nations will be more real than ever.

Wanda S. Lee is executive director, national WMU.

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