Thank You!

Christmas in August

Do you ever wonder how your Christmas in August gifts are received and what happens after you send them? Be encouraged today by this thank-you message from Arlene Miller of Impact Ministry in Hopkinsville, Kentucky:

"Thank you for allowing Impact Ministry to be included on the Mission Friends [Christmas in August] list of ministries to get donations. It has been such a blessing to get boxes and letters. Many of the boxes contained pictures and items that the children had made. Most of them had a note saying they had prayed for us. Some local churches brought their children to visit and deliver their donations.

"We received gifts from 17 different states and 130 different churches. Some sent 1 package while others sent as many as 7 boxes.

"We know that the prayers of all of those collecting and packing the boxes were heard and His Holy Spirit touched hearts and people were saved. Several people gave their heart to Jesus these past few months as they met with our spiritual counselors the day they came for assistance.

"It was such an encouragement to my co-workers when we would have a counselor come out of the room with the person who had just been saved and tell us what had just happened, and we would give that person a hug and tell them how happy we were for them. It was one day that I had opened a box of Christmas in August gifts and read the note that they prayed for us as they packed the box, that I realized this is why we are seeing more people saved. More people are praying.

"I got a phone call a few days ago from a WMU leader in Oklahoma asking if it is too late to send their August box. I can celebrate for another year!!!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome God!!!!!

"Our volunteers have all been so encouraged by this response. Thank you from all of us."

Mission Friends leaders, your work is changing lives. Thank you!

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