Helping Others

Several weeks ago, my small community was hit with an EF-2 tornado. Night had already fallen, so my husband and I crouched together in our hallway in the dark. With no power, no television, no radio, we began monitoring Twitter and Facebook, only to learn that several homes had been destroyed and one neighborhood, a neighborhood where several of our church members live, was heavily damaged. Our local emergency management organizations asked people to remain where they were until they could ensure that our roads were safe to travel.

One group, however, took to the roads immediately. The moment the storm passed over, we began to hear the sirens of emergency response vehicles. Our firefighters and sheriff’s department did a yeoman’s work that night in ensuring that everyone was safe. They cleared roadways, knocked on every door, and did whatever was necessary to help those whose homes were damaged. Later, we would learn that even off-duty emergency personnel came in and worked throughout the night.

That evening, as we sat in the dark and heard sirens for what seemed to be hours, my husband and I prayed. We prayed for those who were affected by the tornado, and for the many emergency personnel who were putting their own lives on the line to keep our community safe and secure.

Later, I began to consider what we could do to thank our fire department for their service that night. A-ha, this sounded like a Helping Others activity for Mission Friends to me! So, 2 weeks ago, I bought doughnuts and asked my Mission Friends to create thank-you cards for our fire department. With the help of several families, we all loaded up and went to deliver our little gifts.

The men working at the station that evening were so precious. They invited our preschoolers into the station, and let them climb around on the trucks and look at the equipment. After our visit, one of my little ones said, “We went to thank them, but they thanked us!” Isn’t this just like a preschooler to get it? To understand that in helping others, we often receive the greater blessing?

What have your Mission Friends been up to lately? If you have photographs of your Mission Friends engaged in a Helping Others activity, please share them with us on Facebook. As you share, you are inspiring other leaders and teachers to involve their Mission Friends in learning to help others.

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