Teaching God’s Word in a Diverse Environment

Diverse Environment

In a city of 14 million people from almost every ethnic and religious group, Kevin and Laura Baggett persevere in their efforts to teach the Word of God. Buenos Aires, Argentina, is defined by diversity, which challenges the Baggetts and their 2 children, Cylia and Lucas, every day.

Laura Baggett paints a vivid picture: “In one city block, you might encounter a successful lawyer on his way to a meeting, a homeless child asking for money, a Peruvian woman buying vegetables from a Bolivian teenager, a talented Argentine playing an instrument, an immigrant from Senegal selling jewelry on the sidewalk, an elderly woman walking to the Catholic church carrying a picture of a saint while whispering a prayer to Mary, an Orthodox Jew dressed in a black suit and hat stopping by his business, a Muslim woman covered by her hijab walking closely with her children, an atheist university student waiting on the bus boasting a T-shirt with profanity, and an agnostic taxi driver wearing a red ribbon to ward off evil thought.”

It is this diversity that requires the megacity team of Buenos Aires to be “prepared at all times to share the gospel in a way that each of these people can understand and challenge them to follow Christ,” Laura Baggett added.

Homeschooling her children is part of her ministry, but not her only way of serving. She hosts people in her home, prepares lessons for children at new church starts, helps her husband with his research to lay a foundation for prayer and strategy for the city, and disciples women in her sphere of influence.

Another strategy for reaching others for Christ is through her children. Cylia and Lucas participate in a Bible study in the lower-class part of the city. Here they play soccer on a concrete plaza before attending the Bible study in a pizza place. It is not always at the same place, so new people often join them.

As the Baggetts continue their ministry in a diverse environment, they ask for prayers that their lives would be testimonies to God’s grace and love, exemplifying His heart through their personal lives.
Virginia Kreimeyer is a freelance writer in Cedar Park, Texas.

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