Surrender Reaps Eternal Results

In December 2000, Jeff and Barbara Singerman and their family were held at gunpoint in their Benin home; death seemed certain.

Instead the robbers left in the Singermans’ truck that was purchased with funds from the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

“On that very day, we were being featured in the Week of Prayer for International Missions,” Barbara Singerman said. “That incident generated greater boldness in our lives . . . and made us more willing to preach Christ to the death.”

She knows surrender to Jesus stretches a believer, fostering greater dependence upon Him.

After 24 years of sharing Jesus with and loving the people of Benin, God moved the Singermans to Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Leaving the Beninese “was one of the most painful experiences of our lives,” Barbara Singerman said. “But God calls us to obey, even when obedience is excruciatingly painful.”

The past year, the Singermans have been in the capital city of Kinshasa. As cluster strategy leader for the Congo basin, Jeff Singerman develops ministries to urban centers and about 70 unengaged unreached people groups (UUPGs). The basin population is enormous (78 million in DRC alone); the number of Christian workers is small (4 International Mission Board representatives for 7 basin countries); and many evangelical churches follow unbiblical teachings.

Barbara Singerman also knows surrender and obedience bring eternal results. In Benin, for instance, she witnessed a village with no believers embrace the message of Jesus and 11 pastors come from 1 family.

In Kinshasa, “God is opening up to us opportunities in amazing ways already,” she said. “What an awesome privilege we’ve been given through God’s grace to actually see some of the eternal results of obedience, sacrifice, and suffering.”

Pray for 

  • an African team to be discipled to train others in using oral stories about God to evangelize, train, and plant churches.
  • the Holy Spirit to convict trainers and laypeople about unscriptural aspects of their lifestyles and practices.
  • wisdom for the Singermans to know whom God wants to join the basin work.
  • research to identify UUPGs and unreached people groups and ways to reach them.

Leigh Pritchett lives in the southeastern United States, a missions field that is “white unto harvest.”

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