Best Planning Tip

Planning with Plan Sheet

For the final assignment in the Develop course Leading Mission Friends, the participants are to reflect on what they will do with what they have learned from the course. In their responses, a few of the leaders have mentioned that they will use the Mission Friends Plan Sheet. One leader wrote, “I will use the planning sheet to map out each month’s Mission Friends sessions. This provides a better layout than the monthly notes I have been using.”

The Mission Friends Plan Sheet is a great tool because it gives an overview of the month at a quick glance. For my planning, on the weekend before a new month starts I read through the month’s sessions to get an idea of the activities in each session. This is when I use the plan sheet to jot down the activities I will use. I do not fill in each square on the plan sheet because I cannot do all of the activities suggested in each session. I usually choose three or four of the activities. I write the activity titles on the plan sheet, and this gives me a general idea of the activities for the month. This helps me know if I need to collect items like paper-towel tubes or if any special supplies are needed for that month. I keep the plan sheet in my copy of Mission Friends Leader. Each week I then refer to the plan sheet and read in more detail about those activities in the session plans in Mission Friends Leader. I look at the Mission Friends Facebook page each week to see the extra activity posted, and sometimes add this to my plans.

It really does help me to plan by the month like this, and then the weekly planning does not take as much time. Using the Mission Friends Plan Sheet is my best planning tip to share with you. What planning tips can you share with other leaders? Share your ideas with us on the Mission Friends Facebook page.

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