I listened as a colleague in the early childhood field passionately talked about the impact we make as we work with preschoolers. I attended a meeting of persons within our community who work in various agencies that serve preschoolers. This friend gave the example of one child her agency had helped, and how their influence on the preschooler opened doors to serve the whole family as they were able to help the mother locate literacy classes to learn to read. With tears in her eyes, my friend stated that when you work with a preschooler, the impact you make is significant.

I wish each one of you could have heard the words this friend spoke so intensely. She reminded me that the impact we make as we teach Mission Friends® is so significant. We make a significant impact emotionally and socially as preschoolers learn to get along with others and to communicate with others. We also have an effect on their lives as we share God’s love and care with preschoolers. They learn of God’s love by the love and care we give as their teachers at church. For some preschoolers, the church setting may be the only time when they are in the care of others outside of their immediate family. We are a significant figure in those preschoolers’ lives. Even for preschoolers who are in a weekday preschool or child-care program, we are an important person in their lives as we build meaningful relationships with preschoolers and their families.

We also make an impact on preschoolers’ lives as we teach them that God loves me, God loves all people, and some people have never heard of God’s love. We get to set the foundations for a life that is focused on others rather than self. These are the trusts that God gives to us as we lead preschoolers spiritually in teaching Mission Friends. Teaching preschoolers about the alphabet, shapes, and colors is important, but God has given us even more significant truths to teach preschoolers about God’s love and His work in the world.

Whether Mission Friends in your church has 1 preschooler or 101, let this be a reminder that the impact you make to that 1 preschooler is significant. May we all be encouraged to know that God is using us for His purposes as we teach Mission Friends.

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