The Mission of Summer

Summer is advancing on us with warmer days, tank tops, and cookouts. Summertime is typically a change in our routines. It’s time for family vacations, church activities at the parks, and, for some of us, summer missions trips.

If you are reading this blog, I am going to assume you have a heart for the world and for serving the community around you. Maybe God has called you to a specific people group, demographic, or ministry to volunteer in or partner with in your community. Maybe this summer is a time where you are gearing up to go on a missions trip to the other side of the world or lead a team to a place you have been visiting for years.

Even though we have a heart for the world, sometimes our life circumstances don’t allow us to board a 747 for Asia. Maybe you have a full-time job that keeps tight reign on your vacation hours, maybe you have aging parents, or maybe you’re like me and my third-trimester self who won’t be boarding a plane anywhere unless it’s going to the labor unit at a hospital.

So we stay behind and watch as our friends and family take these adventures, and our heart longs to engage the world and those who need Jesus in that way.

Well, I have good news for you. Your summer can be filled with opportunities to serve and love right within the circumstances in which God has placed you.

My challenge to you is to pray about where God wants your missions trip to be in these warmer days. Is it to the other side of the world? Or the other side of the street to knock on the door of that neighbor you have been meaning to meet? Or maybe it’s time to begin partnering with a ministry that serves a people group you have a heart for—prisoners, the elderly, those involved in foster care, children, or the homeless.

I believe there are opportunities for us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the world around us, every day. We just have to continue to pray for the eyes to see.



Abi Khavari traveled the world, writing for a non-profit agency in the Middle East. She now lives in Colorado, got married recently, and is earning her masters degree in counseling.









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