Go Outside!

Go outside!

What would it be like to have Mission Friends outside? During the summer is a great time to include an outdoor element with your Mission Friends group.

  • If your church has a playground, set up a few of the interest areas on the playground. For this month, sand paint in one area, set up a tent in another area, and explore sand for a third activity.
  • Spread a vinyl tablecloth on the ground. Have preschoolers sit on the tablecloth for a picnic with your snack of hummus and pita bread.
  • Find a place to have Group Time outside, whether your group sits in a grassy area or a bench outside the church.
  • Ask preschoolers to listen and then tell you what sounds they hear outside.
  • Name a color and ask preschoolers to tell you what they see of that color.
  • Make a chart of the things you see in different colors.
  • Play an active game from the Music and Movement interest area.
  • Mark off a goal area for preschoolers to kick a soccer ball into the goal. (See July Extra Activities for Threes and Fours, Mission Friends Leader, page 42.)
  • Play rhythm instruments outside. Ask preschoolers, “Do the instruments sound different outside?”
  • Provide tools for exploration outside, such as magnifying glasses, small binoculars, or rulers.
  • Make nature rubbings of different textures outside: the sidewalk, bark, rocks, or a planter.
  • Post the allergy alert chart when going outside.
  • Let parents know that your class will be leaving the classroom. Post a message or note on the door so parents will know where to locate their preschooler.
  • Beforehand, ask a parent to assist so you will have extra hands helping outside.

If you go outside for Mission Friends, we would love to see! Post your pictures on the Mission Friends Facebook page.

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