Refocus Every Day

Has God ever had to refocus your life?

When I first got married I went through a period of massive insecurity. I was more concerned about my appearance than when we were dating. The more gentle and loving my husband was, the more terrible I felt. Every mistake I made bothered me twice as much, and every good thing I did only counted half as much. I had big dreams of being an “excellent wife.” I tried, but I couldn’t seem to get it right. I berated and belittled myself for not being good enough. I pleaded for God to show me what to do.

God didn’t turn me into the excellent wife I wanted to be.

Instead, He reminded me that my identity had not changed. I am still His daughter first of all. My situation had changed, but I hadn’t changed in the most fundamental way. I was so concerned with being a good wife that I took my eyes off my real goal. With the wrong goal in sight, nothing goes right.

In Matthew 14, Peter had big dreams of walking on the water with Jesus. He was doing just fine until he saw the stormy wind. He lost his focus just long enough to start sinking. Peter did have the presence of mind to call for Jesus instead of trying to swim on his own.

There have been many times that I have stopped focusing on Jesus long enough to get myself off track. There have been times when I tried to swim on my own far too long. Each time, God has been faithful to pull me out of the water and refocus my life.

Every life transition includes a time of refocusing, whether it concerns new jobs, new communities, or new relationships. New and changing priorities require new and growing commitment to following Christ daily. Each day is a new opportunity to fix our eyes on Jesus, pick up our cross, and step out in faith. Each day is a new opportunity to share this great love of Christ with those who don’t know Him. And on the days we are sinking, we can call out to God, knowing He will lift us up.


Amanda-Grace Schultz holds a master’s degree in theology from Campbellsville University and is passionate about missions education and discipleship.






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